Jan 2, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, I know it is already January 2nd and the New Year Day is over, but even the second day is nice and fresh, full of promises and expectations.

As a knitter I work with numbers. I have to keep track of how many stitches and rows I have made and how many I still need to make.

As a designer, I need to make sure that all the numbers in the pattern are correct and match the original sample, so the other knitters can replicate the finished object in a way that their finished object resemble the original and fit correctly.

As a human, I am curious and interested in learning more, and sometimes that involves math and statistics.

Out of 198 blog posts that I have published during the existence of my blog, the most popular is this one: Minions. I am so looking forward to see the new movie in the summer. And yes, I have seen the Despicable Me movies more then once, twice....way too many times.

This year my blog visited people from 138 countries. The previous year my blog visited people from 141 countries. I have never travelled in my real life to that many countries, and I don't expect to ever achieve that, so to me this is amazing.

I have written and published 78 knitting patterns. A lot of them are free, and for some I charge small amount of money. It is not much, and I do not rely on it or use it to pay my bills, but it allows me to buy few skeins of yarn, which I turn into new toys, and therefore more new knitting patterns. The toys are given away: to various charities all over the world, to my local library for the summer reading program, to children, and to you, my readers, when I have random giveaways (new one is coming very soon!).

All of this happened because my grandmother was patient enough to teach me how to knit. I wish I could show her all that I have achieved with my two hands and her gift she passed onto me - love for yarn and creating something one stitch at time.

Thank you for visiting.

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