Nov 30, 2018

Interview with a designer: Nailya Plaskey (Nailya)

In 2014 I did an interview with another designer and I loved that part of the Gift-a-long as it gave me an opportunity to learn something about another designers, their inspirations, and design process.  I wanted to revisit the idea this year and I have few designer interviews as my blog posts line up for this year Gift-a-long. Enjoy, and happy knitting.

Here is the first designer interview:

Nailya Plaskey (Nailya) is a fellow designer participating in the Gift-a-long 2018.
I am happy that she was willing to participate and answer my questions.
I personally love the Big Stitch Beanie, photo bellow:

photo by Nailya

1. What inspires you to design? 

I love the challenge of interpreting different images into a language of stitches. I feel powerful when knitting or crocheting, there's nothing I can't do or learn how to do when it comes to yarn. I want other people to feel the same when they knit or crochet from my patterns.

2. If you could knit/ crochet one thing - anything in the world what would that be? 

I would knit or crochet something for a movie production.

photo by Nailya

3. Describe your ideal day as a designer, what would you do and what would you prefer not to do? 

I would take a class in the morning, either on design or a new to me technique. Then I would spend the afternoon at a fiber festival spending time with old friends and meeting new people. In the evening I would be adding more rows to the exciting design I am working on. 

4. How do you start a project, with yarn, pattern, idea or what? 

I can work many ways. Either the yarn would be practically telling me what it wants to be, and I will start offering it different stitch patterns for consideration. Or I will have this image in my mind that I will think about if it will translate well to colorwork or textured stitches or cables or lace. Or it would be one of my three kids wanting a new hat with a pompom, and I would want for it to be truly new and unique and not like anyone else's hat.

photo by Nailya

5. What inspires you to pick up needles and start on the project? 

I think they call this condition castonitis :).

6. What do you enjoy the most about the designing and what you dislike the most?  

My favorite part of designing is when other people can recognize my idea. They: "Yes, I can see that!" Me: "Great! i wasn't the only one!". My least favorite part of designing is the amount of promotion a small indie designer has to do for more people to see his/her pattern. I am not very salesy, and marketing is hard for me.
photo by Nailya

7. Are there any particular techniques you find challenging or impossible to work with? 

My challenge right now is grading garments for multiple sizes but I plan to tackle it next year!

8. What is on your needles now? 

A second mitten for my daughter who lost one of a pair. A scrappy cardigan. Half a sock. 2 blankets. A shawl. I might be forgetting something.
photo by Nailya

9. Do you work on multiple projects at the same time or single project?

I have never committed to a single project. I do both knitting and crochet, so switching between them helps keep my hands healthy. I try to keep my focus on a main project, but others pop in queue depending on circumstances, like when I need something portable or something simple for working on when watching TV.

10. Is there is something else that you would like to share with the readers? 
I am 38. I am married, and have 3 kids I homeschool. Traveling is something I love doing, and before I settled down in the US I have visited and lived in about 20 different countries. I also like hiking, gardening, and baking. Tea and dark chocolate are my favorite treats. 
photo by Nailya
Where to find Nailya Plaskey:

Nailya Plaskey on Ravelry

Nailya Plaskey on Facebook

Nailya Plaskey on Pinterest

Nailya Plaskey on Instagram

Nailya Plaskey on Loveknitting

Nov 23, 2018

Gift-a-long 2018

Ready for GAL
In just few hours, the sixth Gift-a-long is about to start.
A wonderful collaboration of independent knitwear and crochet designers from all over the world share their skills with the worldwide crafting community in a fun filled festivity called Gift-a-long.

The official start day is Friday, November 213rd 2018 at 8PM EST and runs through the end of the year 2018.
The games and prizes are, as always, fantastic. If you are a member of Ravelry, just check it out in here:
Group Indie Design Gift-A-Long

Like in the previous years, the festivities start with a discount offers for selected patterns by all of the participating designers:
Sale period runs from Friday, November 23rd 8PM (US-EST time) through Thursday, November 29th 11.59PM (US-EST time).
Discount is 25% off selected patterns.
The code to enter:


Here is the link to My patterns 

Thank you for visiting, and please join us for some knitting and fun games. 

Nov 19, 2018

Work in Progress IV

T-Bone's Bookmark
As you can see I have been working on several projects. First of all, after a success of my Cat's Silhouette Bookmark, link to pattern I was asked if I could create a bookmark in dog's shape. This one is more tricky as there are so many varieties and breeds and shapes of dogs, but in the end I have picked the dog in our house and based the bookmark shape upon his back profile view. The knitting pattern is at the testing stage and will be published next month.
In the meantime, we have discovered that our dog, T-Bone has started an online diary, I guess he got inspired by all of the dog's Instagram accounts that we have seen lately. Since he doesn't have his own phone he uses the computer...
Link to his diary:
T-Bone's Diary

Also, as in the previous years, I am participating in the festivities of Gift-a-long. More details about it will come soon.

GAL 2018
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Nov 9, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Snowman and Sassy Coal Dishcloth

photo by Knitpicks
A sweet snowman or a sassy coal dishcloth? Which one will you knit first?

My knitting pattern for this adorable duo is available free on Knitpicks website:
Link here

or in my store on Ravelry:

Snowman and Sassy Coal Dishcloth

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Nov 1, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Winter Pillow

Winter Pillow
The knitting pattern for Winter Pillow is part of Knitpicks 12 weeks of gifting and is available as a free download:

link to pattern Winter Pillow on Knitpicks

link to pattern on Ravelry: Winter Pillow 

I was working on the pattern in May 2018, and when I was trying to take a picture of the sample the dog decided to test the comfort of the pillow, and apparently it has been dog approved.

The other pillow in the picture is my Kittie Pillow and the pattern is available to purchase in my Ravelry store, on Knitpicks website, on Loveknitting website or by clicking on the button:

I had some yarn leftovers and decided to reverse the yarn and use the MC as CC, and CC as MC.
I took this pillow on a journey across the ocean and back, and finally finished few weeks ago. It is still waiting for the zipper to be sewn in, but you can see in the picture bellow how I prepare the zipper for sewing.

Winter Pillow II
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