Mar 30, 2013


.. seems to be taking its sweet time to arrive this year.

The same goes for the book I have been working on for the past few months. I did not realize how  time consuming this project will be. I have no regrets and am happy with the progress, though my patience is tested a lot.

Had I chosen a more simple project, like a work of fiction, I might have spend less time on it, but in the end the 80 pages that we have to turn in by the end of the semester would be just 80 pages of material that I would just put on a pile of old  homework assignments and that would be the end of it. This book, I hope, will be different.  When I am finish with it I will have about thirty new knitting patterns that will find an audience one way or another.

Some of the patterns are projects that I had worked on in the past, but did not finish the whole process, and some of the patterns are completely new, never seen before.Though in the knitting world it is hard to say that something has not been around before. I hope that my patterns will offer a fresh look at the world around us, and that they will make you want to pick up knitting needles and start to create your own version of one of my knitting patterns from the collection in the book project.

This particular unfinished project, the knitting pattern for tulip hat, did not make it into the book after all. Though I was thinking about including it in one of the parts of the book. Yet the tulip is in a way an important part, because it was the picture of the yellow tulip I took last spring that started it all.

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Mar 22, 2013

Two years gift away winners

This morning we put all the pieces of papers with names of followers and people who left comment on my blog into our favorite hat. We shook the hat and my child draw the papers with names of winners for this two years anniversary gift away.
Here are the names:
Celtic Spacey
Gena Meritt
Fleurtje Elisa
Etsuko Tsuchiya

To all of winners congratulations, to those that have not win this time, there will be another gift away soon, maybe you will be winner next time!

Please contact me in regards which pattern you would like me to send you.
I can send it to your Ravelry library or I can email you the PDF file.
Send me a note to or PM me(Fifinka) on Ravelry.

Thank you all for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it.

Mar 16, 2013

Knitting Pattern for Huggaluf Pillow

These cuddly and soft pillows were inspired by my Huggalufs critters.

The pattern is knitted in the round, for my samples I have used Bernat Pipsqueek, but my test knitters have used different variety of soft and bulky yarn. You will need approximately 7 oz (200 gr) for the body and less than a ball for the hat. Also you will need small remnants of white and black yarn for the eyes and red yarn for the lips.
The pillow is approximately 14” (35.5cm) wide and 10” (25.5cm) tall (without the hat) or 26”(66cm) tall (including the hat)

Knitting Pattern for Huggaluf Pillow is available to purchase on Ravelry or by clicking on this button.

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Mar 3, 2013

Time to celebrate....two years


I cannot believe it myself, but this blog exists for two years. Time tend to fly when we have fun.
It has been an interesting and enjoyable journey.

In the midst of present commitment to write a book of knitting patterns as my school project for the creative writing class named "The book" I am overwhelmed with creating new and exciting knitted creations, knitting samples and writing up the patterns I am slightly neglecting other projects,  but I still want to celebrate the two years of this blog  - Stana's critters etc.

I will give away 10 knitting patterns from my collection of patterns for sale
these are the patterns to choose from:

The rules:
The followers are automatically added to the lottery.
Anyone's name who leaves a coment will be added to the lottery.
March 21st is the deadline.
On March 22nd we will draw the winners.
Good luck to all.

Thank you for visiting.