Apr 25, 2021

Spring WIP and Memento Hat


This is a picture of my last year Dandelion Honey. Each jar was filled with a sweet syrup and a whole lot of memories. I wrote about it in this blog post: Work in progress. Every time I have used the Dandelion Honey I recalled the memories from my childhood and the time when I was making it. I have included the recipe in my e-book Baba Yaga's House

This spring as I watch the flowers bloom I though about making the Dandelion Honey again. And so instead of sitting in front of the computer and finally typing up the knitting patterns for Bernie's doll and few other projects I went to collect the Dandelions and spent my weekend making the sweet syrup that will flavor our teas, or lemonades for the next few months. This year I added another project to try: A syrup made from Violet flowers. I have collected the flowers on my friend's lawn and I made sure that there were plenty of flowers left behind for the pollinators to feed on.

I started this yesterday, and as I am typing up this blog post I just finished pouring the Dandelion Honey into jars that will be stored in the fridge until it's all used. In the picture bellow you can see this year Dandelion Honey and the syrup made from Violet flowers. 

After a few weeks of knitting samples and writing pattern that will be published by a third party later this year I started to work on a new project. Few weeks ago I have been accepted into an Influencer program at Knitpicks - We Crochet. I have received a box filled with yarn and few other things. You can see the box in the picture bellow.

I had a project on my mind that I was going to do with the Memento yarn. But I decided to create a different hat, one that can be worn during the summer days. I named it Memento Hat. Pictured is the large size and I have used less then a skein of Memento yarn in Moonshadow colorway. Over the next week or so (life permitting) I will type up the knitting pattern and post the test call in my group on Ravelry. After the pattern goes through the hands of technical editor and is fully test knitted I will publish the pattern. If everything works out it will be just in time for the summer. 

A rough cost for this project:

A skein of yarn: Memento $9.99

Knitting pattern: Memento Hat $4.99 (I have to pay the TE)

Your time to knit this hat: ???? ( I knitted the hat in few hours over this past week)

The perfect hat for all your memorable summer adventures: Priceless 

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Apr 10, 2021

Work in Progress

    Remember the pictures of Bernie Sanders wearing handmade mittens to inauguration in January 2021? Bernie Sander's handmade mittens inspired so many crafters as they recreated the pattern in mittens, hats, scarfs, cowls, sweaters and even dolls created to resemble Bernie Sanders with these mittens. I waited few days but then I couldn't resist and decided to knit a doll. 


     I looked through my yarn stash and picked the colors based on the picture. I had a sketch and ideas as what I would like to do. Under normal circumstances this kind of project would take about two weeks. Well life happens. For about a moth I couldn't really knit and then I had my submission accepted for publication by a third party. I am still working on this project for the third party, but I have also managed to finally finish the Bernie Sanders's doll, with mittens and all. It took me two months from cast on to finish. As for the knitting pattern, it will be typed up and available, I just need a bit more time.

These past few weeks whenever I could I worked on finishing my project for the third party and once this is done and patterns and samples are mailed to the  editor I will return to the Bernie Sanders' doll and type up the pattern. You can see a sneak peek photo of me sitting on a porch, while working on the finishing touches to the sample, while my dog T-Bone is practicing porch napping. 

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