Mar 11, 2023

A brief note


An infinity scarf in a heart shape knit up from many colorful pieces of yarn on a wooden background with legs of a dog

Hello everyone,

Every day I keep thinking about sitting down and writing a blog post. Yet somehow it has not happened yet. My knitting adventure has taken a brief break over the past few months. I tried to keep up, but life got busy with other things and there were days when my knitting needles were left untouched, and I couldn't manage to make a single stitch. It wasn't that I lost a joy from knitting and creating, but the time just wasn't there. Life happens sometimes. 

We all try to do our best, and as I am adjusting to everything, I try to find few moments here and there and continue with my knitting adventure one stitch at time. 

My new toy mystery knit-a-long is slowly getting ready, and I hope to have it all done soon. So, we can have some fun mystery knit-a-long towards the end of this month. 

a rainbow colored textured knitted caterpillar

Sensory Caterpillar is my latest knitting pattern created for Knitpicks IDP program. When I have more time I will add the pattern to Lovecraft, Knitpicks, and Payhip. In the meantime, you can get the pattern on Knitpicks website, along with the yarn. 

Thank you for visiting.

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Dec 23, 2022

All the best....


a heart shaped knitting in progress with a dog's feet in background

to you all, who continue to read my blog throughout all those years, or who stopped by to check out my free knitting patterns. I hope that your year of 2022 has been a good one and you are going to have pleasant and safe last days of this year. 

As another year is coming to an end, I look back to what I have accomplished as a knitwear designer. When I started this blog in March 2011, I didn't know what to expect and where my knitting journey will take me. It has been eleven years since I published my first knitting pattern. Although it didn't turn to be my full-time profession, I still continue to create and publish knitting patterns. As I mentioned in my newsletter, I am creating at a slower pace than before. Life is full of surprises. 

photo of knitted swatch, a sweater in blue white yarn and colorful pencils and notepads.


I hope to create another toy mystery Knit-a-long for the beginning of the next year, and also some new wearable items as well. In the meantime, you can still browse my previously published 320 knitting patterns and I hope that it will inspire you to keep on knitting, one stitch at time. 

All the best for the New Year!

Thank you for visiting and reading.

Dec 1, 2022

Winter Cowl - Malabrigo Quickie


a detail of knitted 3D honeycomb pattern in malabrigo fingering weight yarn

Winter Cowl is my latest published knitting pattern. It is a part of the popular Malabrigo quickie program. The pattern calls for one skein of Mechita yarn. 

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry: Winter Cowl 

Payhip: Winter Cowl

and soon it will be also available on Lovecraft website. 

I love how the honeycomb pattern creates a 3D appeal yet is simple enough for new knitters to cable knitting and I really like the polished look of I-cord edges. I have created this pattern for Malabrigo quickies, and the cowl uses one skein of fingering weight yarn. At first, I made couple swatches of the honeycomb pattern in heavier yarn weight, and I really liked the 3d appeal to it. But when I made the same pattern in the fingering weight the 3D appeal kind of disappeared and I had to adjust the pattern to keep the 3d visual appeal even in the fingering weight yarn. You can see the different swatches in the picture bellow. From left to right it is the fingering weight yarn, sport/ DK and worsted/ Aran weight yarn. 

a variety of knitted swatches with honeycomb pattern in different yarn weights and yarn colors.
Bellow you can see the two samples of the fingering weight yarn cowls in Malabrigo Mechita in two different colorways. 
a knitted cowl in blue fingering weight yarn

A knitted cowl in Speckled fingering weight yarn

Thank you for visiting and reading.

Nov 24, 2022

Tutorial for Cat Silhouette Bookmark


I have created this super-fast knitting pattern for the Cat Silhouette Bookmark in 2015 and it has been my most downloaded knitting pattern for some time, passing over the knitting pattern for Minions.  

Even though this pattern is available for free, I still try to help people if they contact me and ask for help. One of the most asked questions I receive about this, and my other bookmark patterns is how to knit the bookmark in the round. So, I decided to create a small photo tutorial which shows how I do that. 

I have spent one hour knitting the bookmark and since I have some leftover yarn, I created a new bookmark for the Cat Silhouette working flat in garter stitch. I will type up the notes (it is slightly different then just use a half amount of stitches given for the bookmark in the round).

The new pattern, which is written for flat knitting and have an additional updated version of the original Cat bookmark in the round as a bonus is available on: 

Lovecraft: Cat Bookmark

Payhip: Cat Bookmark

Ravelry: Cat Bookmark 

Here is the picture tutorial for the original Cat Silhouette Bookmark 

Start with cast on the number of stitches, I prefer to use the long tail CO.

After I knit the first round, I join the stitches to continue to work in the round. With two double pointed needles, each holding half of the stitches, and using the third needle to knit.
Following the knitting pattern round after round. 
After the Cat Silhouette is finished, continue with the ears.
Then, make the I-cord tail.
In about an hour, the Cat Silhouette Bookmark is done. 

Happy knitting and reading.

Nov 11, 2022



Knitted Poncho with various stripes on a snow covered background

This Stripy Poncho has been my favorite top layer during the autumn days. A free pattern is available here: Stripy Poncho

The past two months have been a blur. My life outside of the knitting world took over and I didn't have time to knit or think about knitting for some time. The few brief moments I had over the past two months I spent working on the new upcoming design. The work is almost finished, and the new pattern will be available next month. 

Few of my knitting patterns were published in the past few months: 

In October issue of I Like Knitting magazine you can find the Gulia Knit Pants: a cozy comfortable pants knit from top down in the round using the long changing colors of Cascade 220 Superwash Wave using two skeins of yarn and changing them every few rounds to create the stripes within the changing color wave. See photos bellow by I Like Knitting 

As a part of Twelve weeks of giving by Knitpicks my Parliament of Owls Hat is available for free: See the screenshot of an email I have received about the pattern:

I hope to able to pick up my knitting needles more and enjoy the creativity that comes with making something one stitch at time.

Thank you for reading and visiting.
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Aug 24, 2022

Life as a work in progress.....


A knitted infinity scarf from scrap yarn with small yarn balls in the middle on a wooden background with two dog legs in the upper corner

A heart shaped rocks creating a large heart shape on ground with pine needles

These two images are my favorites, they remind me that life is filled mostly with little things that make our day-to-day lives worth living. We may not see them or appreciate them at the moment, but when we look back at them, they give us a warm feeling of accomplishment, happiness and joy. 

Sometimes our lives get tangled up and we have to go through periods of difficulties. At times like these it's good to look back and appreciate those little moments that brought us joy. I just went on a trip through the memory line by looking through the older blog posts, especially those that have the tag #life 

Looking through them made me appreciate everything that I have accomplished so far and especially for being still able to experience those small moments and live. When I wrote this blog post named Reflections it was about a year after I had my second episode of DVT and first PE. Since then, things go up and down, there are periods of calm and my leg is fine, and then something triggers it, and my leg acts up and I am left in a whirlwind of pain and inability to function as a healthy person. It is rather strange feeling of being totally without control and waiting things out, by following the doctors' orders and hope for the best. This is where knitting comes in hand, as it allows me to concentrate on something different, something that I enjoy and brings me and those who appreciate my knitting creations joy. 

a picture of a dog in front of a bench with knitted baby blanket and rabbit toy

 And so in the world of knitting joy I am happy to announce that I had several knitting patterns published in the past few weeks or months. Below are links to these knitting patterns on Ravelry, they are also available on Knitpicks website, and some will be a part of the new upcoming book: 60 Quick Knit Gifts for Babies, published by Sixth&Spring Books.

Rabbit toy

Striped Baby Blanket

Pencil Jar Cozy


Making the Gradient Blanket

a young woman sitting on a bench in blue cable knitted cardigan
photo by I Like Knitting

Also, after six months exclusivity period my Helena Cable Cardigan, originally published in February issue of I Like Knitting Magazine and on their website is now available as Ravelry download and will be at some point available on Lovecraft and Payhip.

Last time I was home sick and recovering I created a free pattern code for the readers of my blog. It was overwhelming. This time I offer a free knitting pattern to all new subscribers to my newsletter: Stana's Critters Etc and they do receive exclusive coupons in every newsletter I sent out. 

If you don't want to comit to subscribe to the newsletter but would like to have some discount, I offer you a 20% off from any of my self-published knitting patterns, just use the coupon code blog from now until August 31st, 2022 EST midnight. 

Thank you for reading.

Jul 27, 2022

Fun activities


a picture of knitted owl with knitting piece in progress on a deck

This summer I am one of many participating independent designers in two fantastic events, happening on Ravelry and also elsewhere on social medias.

I would like to mention both here.

After a few years of not being held, the Ami-a-long started at the beginning of July. It runs through the end of August. You can knit or crochet a toy from the participating designers, and you can win prizes. There are games to play and just fun critters to create. More details are in the group on Ravelry:


The second event I am participating is called Around the World Stitch Along. I have participated in the same event last year and am one of many wonderful designers again this year. This event started on Monday July 25th and ends August 25th. Once again you can knit or crochet any project from the participating designers and be eligible for prizes to win. There are also fun games on Instagram and in the Ravelry group you can chat and learn about different traditions from around the world. 

Around the World Stitch Along 

I hope that you will join these two events and learn something new, create something with your hands and maybe even win one or more of the fabulous prizes. 

I have teamed up with Cascade Yarns and one of the prizes to win at the Around the World Stitch Along is my pattern for Brie's Cowl and Cascade Yarns will provide the yarn to knit this two colors brioche cowl. You can see the original sample in the picture bellow:

Two colored knitted cowl on a snow background

Thank you for visiting.