Oct 26, 2014

Missing Socks

In the past few weeks we started to have big issues with missing socks. Somehow after every single load of laundry at least one or more socks are missing. In reality I do not know the culprit, where the socks are, but just for fun, the Sockeaters resurfaced again.
Yes I have a pattern for them:
But I also have a gift away on my FB page:
All you have to do is visit the page, like the post with Sockeaters or leave a comment there and this Wednesday October 29th 2014 the winner will receive their own Sockeater, in the photo bellow he is the Suspect number 6.

There is nothing better than a Random Act of Kindness, though secretly I hope that my problem with missing socks will go away as well.

Happy October and Thank you for visiting.

Oct 15, 2014

Knitting Pattern for Eyeballs

Just in time for Halloween, the knitting pattern for Eyeballs was released on Knitpicks website.
The pattern is for free and here is the link:

I love the photographs they took, especially this one, it is our favorite.


Now the question is where will you display your jar filled with eyeballs?
Mine is displayed on our kitchen table or the mantel above the fireplace, depending on my mood.

Thank you for visiting.

Oct 2, 2014

Mystery KAL


I have a group on Ravelry. Ravelry is a great website evolving around knitting, crocheting and anything fiber. Couple of years ago a friend of mine told me about Ravelry. I have joined the site, but haven't done anything for several months. Things have changed. I have created a store where I offer my patterns Stana's critters etc and this week I have created my own group. Truly I did not expected that too many people would be interested. After all there are so many different groups available. But to my surprise people are joining and sending me nice messages and notes. It feel awesome.

Starting next Saturday I will have a Mystery KAL in my group. Mystery KAL is kind of a mysterious and exciting thing. Those people that sign up receive a clue each week and they follow the instructions and at the end they will have a knitted thing.

Many mystery KAL involves shawls, and other wearable garments, some offer other things and few  offer  toys.

Since I love to design and create toys I have the Toy Mystery KAL (Knit a long). In my group on Ravelry is a thread where you can sign up, and  in my store is a pattern named Harriette - Mystery KAL. At the moment if you download the PDF file you will see that basic information. But, starting October 11th each week the PDF file will contain new clue and at the end of this month you will hold finished toy in your hands. After the Mystery KAL is done and finished I will update the PDF file and it will have the pattern including the pictures of the toy named Harriette.

So, come and join us it is free and it is fun, because you will be following directions without knowing what the finished object suppose to look like.

Thank you for visiting.

Oct 1, 2014

Knitting Pattern for Gracious Cowl

Gracious Cowl
Every once in a while I like to do something different and interesting. This Gracious Cowl is an example.
The pattern offers two sizes small size 25” (64cm) long and 6.5” (17cm) wide and large 30” (77cm) long and 6.5” (17cm) wide.
This cowl is knitted in the round in stranded color work. It is knitted in one piece. The cowl is folded in half and finished by using the bind off I-cord technique thus joining the two layers together creating the reversible look.
It works perfectly for the Dream in color yarn Classy (it feels just right).

You may purchase the pattern by clicking on this button or on Ravelry.

Thank you for visiting.