Feb 23, 2020

Odie, the sea otter

In my group on Ravelry Stana's critters etc we always have some sort of KAL. It may be a toy mystery KAL, toy KAL, or technique KAL. Sometimes there is a prize to win, sometimes it is just for the fun of knitting or crocheting.
In November during our Food KAL I offered a prize for the random winner to pick my next toy design. The winner gave me few ideas and then my elbow got injured and I couldn't knit for some time.
Finally after weeks of resting, physical therapy, and such I am back to knitting again.
I kept thinking about the ideas and went back and forth. I made some sketches, and then last weekend I picked up some yarn and started to knit.
The best part of the process is seeing the toy emerge. I usually send pictures to my friends during the work in progress and ask them what they think the toy is. Odie proved to be a challenging one.
The answers were very different.
In any case Odie is a sea otter, and she (or he) needed to have a swim trunk (kind of old fashionable), and of course she (he) needed a snack... a fish.
I will spend next few days typing up the pattern and editing and make it ready to post it on Ravelry for our March KAL.
Join us for the fun.

The link to the pattern:

In the meantime here are some pictures of my work in progress over the past week:


Odie with T-Bone

Odie with swim trunks

Odie with swim trunks and a fish
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Feb 6, 2020

Knitting Pattern Calypso Cowl

photo by I Like Knitting

Yesterday, I have received an email from Lovecrafts that my pattern Calypso Cowl has been nominated as one of the knitting patterns of the month. Bellow is the collage of the ten patterns that have been nominated.
People can vote on their favorite and the winner will be announced next month. Here is the link to the article on Lovecraft blog:

collage by Lovecraft

My Calypso Cowl made it onto the Top 50 knitting patterns of 2019 on I Like Knitting Website
My blog post .
I really enjoyed creating this pattern and I love its versatility. It is fairly simple cowl , knit in the round, in slipped stitch pattern.

I have also created knitting pattern for a hat that is based on the same slip stitch pattern.

Rayas Hat

Link to the blog post about the pattern for Rayas Hat:
Blog Post

Both patterns use bulky weight yarn, and are very quick knitting projects. For the sample published originally on I Like Knitting website I used Cascade 128 Superwash wool  in Grey color as MC and three blue colors as CC. For the hat samples I have used a variety of bulky weight yarn, in various colors to show the pattern in different colors.

To purchase the pattern for the hat on Ravelry:

To purchase the pattern for the cowl on Ravelry:

To purchase the patterns of the Lovecrafts website:

Link to the patterns collection:

This is such a joyful moment, to have my work recognized and highlighted on two different websites.

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Feb 2, 2020

Hearts KAL

Today is a Palindrome day 02.02.2020
The last one happened on 11.11.1111
and the next one will be on 03.03.3030

I guess I am lucky to experience one of these days....

It is also a new month and there is a new KAL in my group on Ravelry.
It is all about hearts. Anything that has a heart image, heart shape, or is for your sweetheart can participate. 
Scraptastic Scarf and Cowl

Heart shaped cloud

The link to the group on Ravelry:
Stana's critters etc
Have fun knitting.