Feb 26, 2015

e-book The Knit Season continues

The Knit Season
Part Three Feast of Bounty:
Apples and Pears

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Table Placemats and Coasters



Pumpkin Hat and Pumpkin

Part Four Winter Wonderland:
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Heavenly Soft Blanket

DK Scarf
Cabled Cowl

Chunky Cabled Cowl or Scarf

Snowman and Penguin

Advent Calendar

Part Five In the Name of Love:


Coin or Pencil Case
BFF Pillow
BFF Pillow

Cable Pillow with Heart

Cable Pillow with Heart


Superhero Cape

Teddy Bear

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e-book The Knit Season

The Book Project started in Spring 2013 when I attended class named "The Book" . We were to create a book as our long term assignment for this particular class. Somehow I managed to convince my professor to let me work on a book of knitting patterns rather than a book of fiction as everyone else in the class, and when the class ended I had over 100 pages f written material and many more ideas. I thought it would be waste of my time and work not to do anything with the material, and I  submitted the book proposal to several publishing houses. One of the publisher suggested to send the proposal to a yarn company, and I did. The Cascade Yarn Company saw potential in my submitted book proposal and offered to provide yarn support.
In March 2014 I have received this enormous box filled with wonderful yarn from Cascade Yarn Company.

The Book Project
I had to start all over again, and rewrite and reknit everything, using the yarn from this box. It was a long and interesting journey. In September 2014 I have posted about "The Book Project"  in my group on Ravelry and several people offered to help by being the test knitters.
Test knitter receive the pattern and follows the instructions expecting that the finished object will resemble the original sample in size, and appearance. In return for their work, they have an early access to new patterns, and receive the final pattern as well. In this case they have received the complete e-book filled with 31 knitting patterns.

The Knit Season
The Knit Season is filled with 31 knitting patterns divided into 5 sections inspired by seasons and the colors I have associated with that particular season.
You may purchase the entire e-book by clicking on this button or in my Ravelry store.

Each pattern is available individually as well, and some of the individual patterns are free.

Part One Garden Delight:

Lilly of the Valley Hat
Bluebell Hat
Bumble Bee Hat

Bumble Bee Mobile

Spring Dress


Part Two Into the Woods:
Camouflage Hat

Owlie Backpack

Tablet and Phone Cover

Picnic Blanket