Jun 30, 2013

Difference in sizes

Teddy Bears in PJ
Teddy Bears in PJ is one of my favorite toys to knit. I made many of them over the years, and each and every single one of them is different.

Usually, I use the DPN size US # 3/3.25mm, which is the size I recommended in my pattern.
While I was working on the teddy bears for school project I experimented with needle sizes.
I wanted to see if there will be a significant increase in size if I use different needle sizes.
In the picture you can see two teddy bears in PJ. I have used the same yarn, the same number of stitches and rows, just two different needle sizes.

Teddy bear on left is done in US # 3/3.25mm and teddy bear on right is done in US # 5/3.75mm.
As you can see, the difference is really small. The teddy bear on right is slightly taller and wider.
If the toy knitting pattern suggest needle size and you do not own them, don't worry, use the needle size you have, or you prefer to use. Just make sure that the stitches are small enough and stuffing is not sticking out and pose risk, especially for small children.

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Jun 25, 2013

Teddy Bears for school

Teddy Bears in PJ
The end of school year evokes many mixed feelings. The children are excited about summer vacations, the endless days of fun and happiness that lays ahead, while the parents are left with bittersweet memories of time slipping away, another year gone by and the inevitable change of their little babies growing up.

My child asked me to knit teddy bears for all the teachers, and other people who were important figures during the school year. We have settled on ten teddy bears, at first.  The class teacher, specials (art, music, gym, library) teachers, principal, vice principal, ladies in the office and then it grew out of hand. The nurse, the lunch lady and more. If it was my child's way I would knit Teddy bears forever. I stopped at number twelve. I am done with teddy bears, for now.

Teddy Bears in PJ

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Jun 17, 2013

Yarn Bombing

Yarn Bombing
After seeing images from various yarn bombing happening all over the world, I had an opportunity to see yarn bombing event in person. It was great.

Walking around the museum and actually participating (even though my contribution was miniscule compared to others) in the yarn bombing event was an interesting experience.

I wonder how long the yarn will stay on the trees and what it will look like in few months.

This little dog posed in the bicycle seat for its owners to photograph.
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Jun 3, 2013

Charitable event.

Maillie, the travelling monster

Miranda, the owl
After the tornadoes destroyed parts of Oklahoma everyone wanted to reach out and help.

During the past two weeks, Suburban knits put together e-book with twenty knitting patterns in order to raise money for Oklahoma charity Other Options, Inc.
In the e-book among many others beautiful designs are two of my knitting patterns Miranda, the owl and Maillie, the travelling monster.

All of the profits from the sale of this e-book will be given to charitable organization Other Options, Inc.
Here is the link to purchase the book.


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