Mar 24, 2021

Sewing Tutorial for Harvest Poncho


Photo by I Like Knitting

Sometimes I receive emails with questions about my knitting patterns and request for further explanation on how to make certain aspect of different knitting patterns. I try to response within a reasonable amount of time and provide the information to help those who ask better understand how things were done and created. 
Recently I received a question about the Harvest Poncho how the two rectangles are sewn together. The pattern itself provides schematic with drawing. However the schematic is a two dimensional and as another visual help I have decided to create this photo tutorial to make it more clear.

I have knitted two mini rectangles of what the two actual rectangles will look like when finished. For a better  understanding I made the two rectangles in two different colors.

Position the two rectangles as in this picture, making sure that the right sides are facing the same direction.

Sew the two rectangles together. along the edge using a mattress stitch. After this you have a "L" shape. In the picture bellow you can see the first seam in the left corner where the red arrows points.

The second seam will take place between the points A and B along the edge. In the picture above you can see the orange rectangle with WS facing up and the grey rectangle RS facing up. The orange rectangle RS is on the bottom at the moment. In the picture bellow you can see that the edge is sewn and the right sides are on the outside and the wrong sides are inside of the poncho.

After this seam you are almost finished.  

One side will look like this :

The other side will look like this:

Weave in  the ends and enjoy your Harvest  Poncho. 

Bellow is the link to the pattern itself:

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Mar 18, 2021

Paw-some Set and Harvest Poncho

 Harvest Poncho, seen in the picture bellow is now available as a pattern download on Ravelry, or you can purchase the pattern by clicking on the button bellow:

The pattern will be soon available on Lovecraft as well. 

photo by I Like Knitting

Paw-some dog's cowl, human infinity scarf and a hat are all available to purchase on Ravelry, and Payhip and soon will be also on Lovecraft website. You can buy the pattern for the dog's cowl and scarf and separately the hat, or you can purchase the entire set. The button bellow the pictures is for the complete set.

Photo by I Like Knitting

Mar 6, 2021

10 years of work in progress

Ten years ago I have started this blog with a help from my friend. 

Here is a link to that first blog post: Welcome to Stana's Critters Etc Blog

The image from the first blog post is a whole bunch of knitted teddy bears and a pink polka dot dog and a yellow striped cat. All of these toys were given away either to my kid, my friend's children, my kid's friends, or variety of charitable organizations. 

When I started this blog I really didn't know what to expect and what would happen. Somehow my love for knitting has evolved into a small side business and in the process I have managed to write and publish almost three hundred knitting patterns. As of today, officially, there are 295 published knitting patterns in my Ravelry store, and my patterns were published in seventeen different knitting books, as well as variety of websites and magazines.  To have my work accepted and published by a variety of third parties I have learned the different ways to submit my ideas and inevitably also understand that the rejections happen more than the acceptance, and usually it has nothing to do with the idea itself but rather with how the different ideas from so many other talented creators fit together. 

I do not know what the future holds, but I know for sure that I will continue to knit one stitch at time.  That way I am sure that I will manage to finish this Bernie Sanders doll, my current work in progress since January 2021. 

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Mar 1, 2021

Porta Wrap


I took this photograph exactly one year ago. I have finished the wrap few days earlier and it was washed, blocked and measured and the pattern was written up.  The following week I gave the wrap to the receptionist at the doctor's office where I was going for my physical therapy with my elbow. I used to take that knitting project with me and I would work on it while waiting for my appointment. The receptionist always complimented on how much she liked the color, and how nice it looked. After I gave the wrap away, I started another sample, this time instead of using Lion Brand Amazing, Olympia colorway yarn as in the pictured sample I used Caron Cakes in Red Velvet colorway. It has been my "on the go" knitting  project, and someone else was complimenting the wrap as well. I have the finished sample ready to give it away to this person. I will most likely start another sample of this wrap, most likely in different yarn than the previous two samples. 

This easily memorizable pattern is completely reversible and the pattern from this wrap has been redone and later published as Harvest Poncho last fall  by I Like Knitting magazine. 

Photo by I Like Knitting magazine

The exclusive period for the knitting pattern for the Harvest Poncho is over and I will be republishing the pattern later this month. But first I am publishing the knitting pattern for the Porta Wrap.

You can purchase the pattern on Lovecraft (link will be added soon), Payhip: Porta Wrap on Payhip  or Ravelry: Porta Wrap on Ravelry or by clicking on this button:

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