May 30, 2011

Bluebell Hat

I can find inspiration for my knitted creation anywhere. After I finished the Daisy Hat, I thought to make few other flowers inspired hats. The Bluebell hat is one of them, the others are still in the process of creation.

The pattern will be available in the future.

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May 26, 2011

Knitting Pattern for Apples

by Stana D.S.
Finished Toy Size: approximately 3.5" diameter
Yarn: I use two strains of light or medium yarn in two different colors to give the knitted apples appearance similar to real apples. Less than a ball of each color.
Recommended Needles size: DPN US # 7/4.5mm (set of 4)
Notions: Yarn needles, scissors, stitch marker, polyester fiberfill (1 small bag), small amount of brown yarn for the stem.
Abbreviations: KFB = Knit in front and back of the same sts, this creates 2 sts from 1st.
SSK= slip sts, slip sts and knit the 2 sts together. This decrease 2sts to 1 sts.
I-cord = the sts are knitted from one needle to second needle, do not turn the needle with sts around, just push the sts to the beginning of the needle and knit again. This technique makes tube.
With two strains of yarn and three double pointed needles cast on 6 sts. (2sts per needle)
Place a stitch marker on the first st, and begin working in the round.
Row 1: Knit around (6sts total)
Row 2: KFB all around, 4sts per needle (12sts total)
Row 3: Knit around (12sts total)
Row 4: KFB all around, 8sts per needle (24sts total)
Row 5: Knit around (24sts total)
Row 6: *KFB, Knit 3; repeat from * around, 10sts per needle (30sts total)
Row 7 - 10: Knit around (30sts total)
Row 11: *KFB, Knit 4; repeat from * around, 12sts per needle (36sts total)
Row 12-17: Knit around (36sts total)
Row 18: *SSK, Knit 4; repeat from * around, 10sts per needle (30sts total)
Row 19 - 21: Knit around (30sts total)
Thread the tail of yarn from the cast on stitches on a yarn needle. Stitch through all of the cast on stitches, pull up tight to close the hole, and stitch to secure. Begin to stuff the apple with fiberfill.
Row 22: *SSK, Knit 3; repeat from * around, 8sts per needle (24sts total)
Row 23: Knit around (24sts total)
Row 24: SSK all around (12sts total)
Row 25: Knit around (12sts total)
Row 26: SSK around (6sts total)
Finish stuffing. Cut the yarn, leaving long enough tail, and thread the end on a yarn needle. Pull the end through the reminding stitches on needles, gather up and close the hole, stitch to secure.
Finishing: With brown yarn cast on 4sts on a double pointed needle, I-cord the brown yarn approximately 1", cut long enough tail and thread the end on a yarn needle. Pull the end through the reminding stitches on the needle to secure, stitch the I-cord on top of the apple and sew through the two ends of apple to pull them together to shape the apple. weave the end of yarn to the inside and trim.

Copyright: This pattern was design and written by Stana D.S.
The pattern is for personal use only. The finished items may not be sold for profit, except for charity purposes.
Please acknowledge the author. Thank you.

May 23, 2011

Waiting to be adopted....

I have knitted these assorted toys in the past few weeks. Some of them are already spoken for, while some are still looking for new home.
Few of the teddies will hopefully bring back smile on a face of a sick child, as they are going to be shipped off to a charity that gives hand made toys to children in hospitals.
Sometimes I wonder where the toys that I have given away stay. Are they loved and cared for? Does the recipient think about who made the toy? It is the mystery of not knowing that gives freedom to our mind to wonder....

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May 17, 2011


These doughnuts are calorie free and are perfect to serve with coffee or tea. Enjoy.....

The original toys are available upon request.
The knitting pattern will be available soon.

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May 11, 2011

Teddies for the Yankee fans

My friends were expecting a little baby last year. I knew that the dad is a huge fan of Boston Red Sox, so I knitted teddy bear in the Red Sox Uniform. Not long ago I was asked to make two teddies in Yankee Uniform.
Who should I make next?

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May 5, 2011


Sometimes I receive special order requests. I must admit that I enjoy the challenge of creating something new and unique. Even though the challenge brings with itself frustrations and doubts I am driven to persist and accomplish the challenge.

This does look like a daisy hat, doesn't it?

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May 2, 2011

Teddy Bears

Every time I take knitting needles in my hand something peculiar happens to my mind. Everything calms down. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I always enjoyed knitting.

When I began to knit toys, I have discovered that the smile on a recipient's face is even more rewarding.

Therefore I continue knitting....

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