Sep 24, 2017


Fall colors scarf

This fall I have a class at school named Anthropology: Food and Culture. The two books that are assigned reading are quite interesting. Especially the book titled Earth Knows My Name, written by Patricia Klindients. here is  The link to book on Amazon page.
I have found the book fascinating due to several reasons. I live in a country that is not my birthplace. Also my father's side of my family worked the land as farmers for many generations.
Maybe the book fascinates me due to sentimental reasons, while reading it I think of my past and the way life used to be. I do not want to say that life before was better or worse. There are always two sides of a story and we need to look at them carefully. The convenience of modern life has its advantages and I do not wish to loose them. I love having the opportunity to use Internet and talk with my mom on a daily basis, even though there is an ocean between us. My father never had that when we were growing up. He talked to his mother only when we made that all day trip across the country to visit them.
However, one thing is sure, somehow slowly and at first reluctantly I have decided to continue in that tradition and started a small garden. Though my garden is very small in comparison with what  I have seen and worked on when I was a child it still gives us some vegetables and even fruits. It's awesome to see the plants grow from seeds, and care for them throughout the growing season. And yes, the salad from our garden not only looks delicious, it tastes better than any store bought salad package.

I also use up the extras from the garden and preserve it for later times. Pickling cucumbers and other vegetables is labor intensive and takes time, but it looks great on our table in the middle of winter.

The time I spend in garden takes away time from my knitting, but I do not regret it. When winter comes, I know there will be longer evenings which I can spend by our fireplace with knitting needles in hand.

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Sep 23, 2017

Work in Progress - Fall

Somehow summer slipped into fall and it seems that even my knitting is inspired by the season.
A while back I bought fabric with a small hexagon shaped owls and created  Helga, the hexagon owl

I also created a PJ bag and a hexagon shaped baby blanket which resemble a giant owl.

Hexagon owl set

Knitting pattern for Hexagon Owl Set is at the editing and test knitting stage and will be available next month.

Another ongoing project is a knitting class that I will be teaching at our local library. We agreed that the class should be aimed at beginners and I have created a pattern for the class and named it Rectangle.
We all started with a small rectangle of knitting when we first learned to knit. Depending on the patience of the people in the class, they can create a scarf, or a bag.

Rectangle - scarf
Rectangle - bag
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Sep 16, 2017

Knitting Pattern for Fireside Tablet Cover

Photo by Knitpicks
The knitting pattern for Fireside Tablet Cover is part of the book published by Knitpicks named
Strands of Color. Link here.

You can also purchase the individual pattern here: Fireside Tablet Cover.

Fireside Tablet Cover
This is seventh published book that has my pattern in it, and the pattern is also on the back cover.

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Sep 9, 2017

Knitting Pattern for William, the whale

Pod of whales
The mystery toy KAL for William is finished.

The complete knitting pattern is available to purchase now in my Ravelry store or by clicking on this button:

William, the whale
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Sep 4, 2017

Knitting Pattern for LS Infinity Scarf

LS Infinity
The pattern for this long Infinity scarf worked in two contrasting colors is available now.
The pattern starts with provisional cast on, is worked in the rounds and the two ends are joined with Kitchener Stitch for truly invisible join and infinity appeal. The body is worked in very simple stranded colorwork.
The sample is worked in Knitpicks Stroll Gradient, fingering weight yarn.
The pattern can be purchased in my Ravelry store or by clicking on this button:

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