Aug 31, 2018

Summer WIP

In the past few weeks I was offline. It's nice to stay away from the Internet and just let it all go by without the constant disruption of social media updates, news and whatever else the electronic device deems important for you.

I wonder how it was possible to grow up without the constant present of the connectivity that Internet provides and distraction it creates to our real life that is happening offline, not online.

During my time offline the view was breathtaking at times, and I just stood there amazed at the beauty our world has to offer.

Panensky Tynec

My knitting world didn't stop, but continued to go on, one stitch at a time....

There are few knitting patterns that are almost ready to be published in the next few weeks, and there are few that are still in the long process of turning from an idea to a finished project and a pattern.
The picture bellow shows a project that I started many years ago, using the small scraps of yarn left from other knitting projects. At first I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them, but slowly it started to take a shape....
Scraptastic Infinity Scarf WIP

and soon it will be a Scraptastic Infinity Scarf, and the pattern will follow shortly after.

Scraptastic Infinity Scarf WIP