Dec 31, 2014

Last Day and New Beginning

Everyone reflects on the year that is about to end and think and plan for the New Year, hoping that it will bring more of ........ (fill in the blank).
I do that too, thinking of what I have accomplished and seen, and done, and what else I would like to see and make and accomplish in the New Year.

I would like to say THANK YOU for visiting my little corner of the internet where I share my ideas, and creations that bring smile to me, and people around me, and I hope that it brings some joy to you, my readers, as well.

Thank you, my wonderful test knitters with who I had the privilege to work with over the course of the past few years. You have helped to bring my ideas to life by test knitting, and giving me wonderful feedback and suggestions. I hope that my patterns reflect that.

Just a little trip down the memory line to remember what I have created in 2014, starting with a ball of yarn, two hands and few knitting needles:

Cheers to a New Year.
Let's hope it's a good one.

Dec 27, 2014

Knitting Pattern for Happy Lovie/Blankie

Happy Lovie / Blankie
A friend of mine asked me for a baby blanket. Her baby already has knitted Teddy Bear Blanket from me and apparently likes to chew on the tip of the bear hat.  She asked  if the next blanket can have many chewable tips. I have used the same yarn as the previous blanket, and came up with this little Lovie.

On Christmas Eve, the baby received wrapped present. For a short period of time the blanket was a huge success, the baby chew on it. Then it was forgotten because apparently babies prefer the wrapping paper instead of the gift inside.

And here is the knitting pattern:
Happy Lovie / Blankie
by Stana D. S.
Finished Size: approximately 9" ( 23 cm) in diameter.

Yarn: About 3 oz (85 gr) of medium weight yarn. You will use about 120 - 130 yards (110 - 119 meters). Small amount of white, blue, and red yarn for eyes and lips.

Recommended Needle Size: DPN US # 5 / 3.75 mm (set of 5), circular needles US 5 / 3.75 mm or your preferred needles for knitting in the rounds.
Notions: Yarn needle, scissors, stitch marker.
KFB - Knit in front and back of the same stitch. This creates 2sts from 1st.
SSK - Slip st, slip st and knit the 2sts together. This decreases 2sts to 1st.
K2tog - Knit 2 sts together. This decreases 2sts to 1st.
R - Round
CC - Contrasting Color
P - Purl
K - Knit
Gauge: 19sts & 26 rows = 4” in stockinette stitch.
Seed stitch: Must be even number of stitches.
Row 1: *Knit 1, Purl 1; repeat from * to end of row
Row 2:  *Purl 1, Knit 1; repeat from * to end of row
To create seed stitch repeat row 1 and 2 for pattern.

Picot Bind off:
This special bind off creates a little tentacles along the bind off edge. Work as follow:
1. Knit first 2 stitches, bind off first stitch. Return the 1st back to the right needle.
2. Using knit cast on cast on 3sts.
3. Bind off 5sts. Return the 1st back to the right needle. 
Repeat step 2 and 3 until all stitches are bind off.

With yarn and double pointed needles cast on 4 sts. Divide the sts evenly between the DPN. Place a stitch marker on the first st, and begin working in the round.
R 1: Knit around (4 sts total)
R 2: KFB all around (8 sts total)
R 3: *P1, K1; repeat from * around (8 sts total)

R 4: KFB all around (16 sts total)
R 5: *P1, K1; repeat from * around (16 sts total)

R 6: *KFB, P1; repeat from * around (24 sts total)
R 7: *P1, K1; repeat from * around (24 sts total)

R 8: *KFB, K1, P1; repeat from * around 8 times (32 sts total)
R 9: *P1, K1; repeat from * around (32 sts total)

R 10: *KFB, P1, K1, P1; repeat from * around 8 times (40 sts total)
R 11: *(K1, P1) 2x, K1; repeat from * around 8 times (40 sts total)
R 12: *KFB, (K1, P1) 2x; repeat from * around 8 times (48 sts total)
R 13: *P1, K1; repeat from * around (48 sts total)

R 14: *KFB, (P1, K1) 2x, P1; repeat from * around 8 times (56 sts total)
R 15: *(K1, P1) 3x, K1; repeat from * around 8 times (56 sts total)
R 16: *KFB, (K1, P1) 3x; repeat from * around 8 times (64 sts total)
R 17: *P1, K1; repeat from * around (64 sts total)

R 18: *KFB, (P1, K1) 3x, P1; repeat from * around 8 times (72 sts total)
R 19: *(K1, P1) 4x, K1; repeat from * around 8 times (72 sts total)
R 20: *KFB, (K1, P1) 4x; repeat from * around 8 times (80 sts total)
R 21: *P1, K1; repeat from * around (80 sts total)

R 22: *KFB, (P1, K1) 4x, P1; repeat from * around 8 times (88 sts total)
R 23: *(K1, P1) 5x, K1; repeat from * around 8 times (88 sts total)
R 24: *KFB, (K1, P1) 5x; repeat from * around 8 times (96 sts total)
R 25: *P1, K1; repeat from * around (96 sts total)

R 26: Bind off in Picot Bind off.

Eye Patch (make 2):
With the CC yarn and three double pointed needles, cast on 4sts. Place the stitch marker on the first st and begin working in the rounds.
R 1: Knit around (4sts total)
R 2: KFB all around (8sts total) Cut off CC. Attach white yarn.
R 3: KFB all around (16sts total)
R 4: Knit around (16sts total)

R 5: *KFB, knit 1; repeat from * around (24sts total)
R 6: Knit and bind off. Cut the yarn, leaving long enough tail, thread the end on a yarn needle. Sew the eye patch on the face of Happy Blankie using the picture as a guide.

With two double pointed needles, cast on 12 sts in red yarn.
Row 1: Knit 12, then turn the work upside down, with second needle pick up and knit 12 sts along the cast on edge.
R 2: Knit around, 12 sts per needle, (24 sts total)
R 3: *KFB, knit 10 KFB, repeat from * around, (28 sts total)
R 4: Knit and cast off from both double pointed needles at the same time. Cut the yarn, leaving long enough tail, and thread the end on a yarn needle. Sew the lips on the face of Happy Blankie using the picture as a guide.  

Copyright: This pattern was design and written by Stana D. S. The pattern is for personal use only. Please acknowledge the author.

Thank you.

Knitting Pattern for Bob, the Bunny and Ferdinand, his helper.

Bob and Ferdinand

Bob, the Christmas Bunny and Ferdinand, his helper were part of my December Mystery KAL in my group on Ravelry.

The pattern is complete and available now. This is the link to download the PDF file with the pattern.

download now

Thank you for visiting.

Dec 24, 2014

Peace on Earth all.
Bob and Ferdinand

May kindness, compassion, love, and hope win. May the world be a better place for all.

Thank you for visiting my little corner where I share my love for yarn, knitting, and gifts that bring smiles.

Dec 15, 2014

Man in the Yellow Hat

Man in the Yellow Hat
Even though I am still working on finishing up The Book Project (I am so close to be done with all of the patterns) I do get distracted every once in a while by some other knitting.
This was a special request. A sweet 3 years old boy asked for Man in the Yellow Hat for Christmas. Although there are many softies of Curious George, the Man in the Yellow Hat is impossible to find. Through the channels of a friend of a friend I was asked if I can try to knit one. So I played with yarn and this is the result. I think he looks pretty close to the drawings and I am sure the little boy will be happy to find the Man in the Yellow Hat under the Christmas tree.

Man in the Yellow Hat  - detail
Of course I have kept notes while knitting, and I will write up the pattern. Most likely I will do that once the rush before the Holidays is over and we all have a bit more time to sit, relax, and knit more during the long wintry days ahead before spring arrives.

Thank you for visiting.

Dec 9, 2014

Knitting Pattern for Stethoscope

It started as a challenge by a friend of mine. I could not resist, and created this knitted stethoscope.

Of course I wrote the pattern as well. It has been test knitted and the pattern is available now in my Ravelry store or you may purchase it by clicking on this button:

It is a wonderful gift for kids, the future doctors, or anyone in the medical field. 

Finished stethoscope size: approximately 3” ( in diameter and 17” (44cm) long.
The stethoscope is knitted in two pieces. The diaphragm part is knitted in one piece from center out, and the stethoscope is done in I-cord. The length of stethoscope can be accessorized to fit the individual needs by making the I-cords longer.

Yarn: About 2.0oz (56.7gr) total of medium weight yarn in grey and black color.

Yardage: About 60 - 70 yards / 55 – 64 meters in grey and 40 – 50 / 38 – 46 meters in black.

Thank you for visiting.

Dec 2, 2014

Knitting Pattern for Elmer, the Elephant and Ruby, Baby Elephant

Elmer and Ruby
In January I have picked the blue and white yarn and wanted to make some stranded color work and a toy. I though of elephants and started right away. After I finished the legs and body, I had to stop working on Elmer and he stayed unfinished for most of the year. Early in the fall one of my test knitters asked about elephant, and I returned to Elmer. I have finished him, and wrote the pattern. A friend asked me to knit another elephant for a baby. That is how Ruby, Baby Elephant came to existence. I have included directions for both elephants and the pattern is ready to purchase by clicking on this button

 or by visiting my Ravelry store.

Thank you for visiting.

Nov 23, 2014

Knitting Pattern for Harriette, the hedgehog

Harriette, the hedgehog
I had a Mystery KAL in October hosted in my group on Ravelry. The post about it can be found here.
I think everyone enjoyed it, and at the end each participant knitted their own versions of Harriette, the hedgehog.

The knitting pattern is available for download by clicking here download now or visiting my store on Ravelry.

Staring next week I will have another Mystery KAL, hosted in my group on Ravelry. More details to follow in my next blog post.

Thank you for visiting.

Nov 21, 2014

Interview with a designer Lisa Chemery (Frogginette)

photo by Frogginette
Lisa Chemery (Frogginette)
is a fellow designer participating in the Gift-a-long 2014.
I had the privilege to interview her and this is the interview.
I love her whimsical and adorable designs and if given the time and opportunity I would knit any of her designs.

What inspires you to design? 

Even though I design for grown-ups sometimes (I recently released the grown-up version (link: of my Entrechat (link: pattern), what inspires me is children -- mine in particular :) I look at them and imagine what I could make that would make them look even more lovely.

If you could knit/ crochet one thing - anything in the world what would that be? 

I'd rather knit all the things, rather than just one thing!! But if I have to choose… if I could find enough patience and spare hours, I'd knit something like the amazing Persian Dreams (link: blanket by Jenise Reid. It's just incredible! I don't do much color work but I am just in awe of intricate, hugely time-consuming projects like this one.

Describe your ideal day as a designer, what would you do and what would you prefer not to do? 
My ideal day as a designer would be casting on for a new design after I've already written out the pattern… No pattern writing, no grading, no making schematics… Just knitting and seeing my vision materialize.

How do you start a project, with yarn, pattern, idea or what? 

I almost always start a project with an idea, or a concept, but it's not necessarily fully-formed. Sometimes I have to try a few things before it feels "right."

What inspires you to pick up needles and start on the project? 

I have so many ideas (like most designers I think!), some of them are messy scribbles in my notebooks, some of them just a few notes describing a shape or a detail. What makes me pick out one and not another as my next design is a combination of factors: 

1) Does it look feasible, or does it need to be thought about more. I can't spend a lot of time on a wild goose chase for an idea that isn't fleshed out enough.

2) Is it a design that I think many people will respond strongly to? Sometimes I'll go ahead and knit up something just because I like it, but I won't release a pattern unless I'm pretty sure many others will love it as much as me.

4) Is it likely to be a fun knit for most knitters? If there are what I consider to be tedious aspects, is the payoff worth it for the average knitter?

3) Is the timing right? Season-wise, but also considering what's already in my catalog in terms of yarn weight, type of garment etc.. 

5) Something intangible, a "gut feeling" that it's time to go with that particular design.

What do you enjoy the most about the designing and what you dislike the most? 

I love seeing the projects that others make from my patterns. It's such a great feeling that never gets old. Also, lovely messages and feedback are so encouraging, and getting to know some of my customers in my Ravelry group, Club Frogginette (link: 

As far as what I dislike the most, the grading process isn't my favorite, but all the never-ending, time-consuming tasks I have to do for each pattern are the most tedious: writing pattern entries in website databases, promoting patterns upon release etc… And let's not even talk about accounting… 

Are there any particular techniques you find challenging or impossible to work with? 

I am still not as good as I'd like to be at colorwork, and I only like lace-knitting in small doses, but it's probably because I lack practice. I am not a fan of magic loop and I am probably not the only knitter who finds grafting to be a bit unpleasant. On the other hand, seaming doesn't really bother me (even though all my designs are seamless) and I don't mind picking up stitches, knitting ribbing etc...

What is on your needles now? 

I'm finishing up Lenny for my girl (link: by Heidi Atwood-Reeves (link: It's a super fast and cute knit. I finished it in 2 days! I love Heidi's style and taste in colors. 

Do you work on multiple projects at the same time or single project? 
I usually only have 1 or 2 projects going on at the same time. WIPs make me a bit anxious, ha!


Frogginette Knitting Patterns

Adorable knitting patterns with a French twist, fun to knit and easy to wear!


photo by Frogginette

Where to find Frogginette:


photo by Frogginette

Nov 13, 2014

Gift-a-long 2014

I have missed the Gift a long activities last year, because I was busy working on my thesis. But I managed to participate this year.
It is an awesome collaboration between many independent designers and it is just about to start.
Gift a long is a collective gathering of almost 300 knitwear designers, and has many fantastic activities.
The beginning starts today with a sale period of thousands of knitting patterns offered on Ravelry by the participating designers.
After the sale patterns is over the gift a long continues with KAL, fun games, and prices to win every day.
You should try it if you are on Ravelry by visiting the Indie Design Gift-a-long Group.
It introduces you to new designers, techniques, you may win something fabulous, learn and try something new and perhaps you may meet even new friends (even if only virtual).

Some important dates and times:
The sale period will run Thursday November 13th 8pm (US-EST) through Friday November 21 at 11:59 pm (US-EST).
Discount is 25% off.

Code to enter is giftalong2014

GAL2014 will run Thursday, November 13th at 8 pm (US-EST) through Wednesday December 31st at midnight (US-EST).

These are the patterns I have included in Gift-a-long:
Diamondback rattlesnake
Maillie, Travelling Monster
Miranda, the owl
Monster Al and his friends
Fiffy, the fluffy dog
Squirt, the squirrel
Baby lovies - individual patterns
Charlie, the fish
Jelly, the dachshund
Marnie, Miranda, Matilda, and Max (Birds)
Chameleon Leon
Gracious cowl

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will explore the various independent designers participating in GAL.

Nov 8, 2014

Elmer, the elephant

Elmer, the elephant
In January I have picked the yarn at a store. The blue and white whispered: "stranded color work". I started almost immediately, and then life happened.

In March a huge box of yarn arrived from Cascade Yarns, and Elmer got left behind, unfinished legs and body without the head, waiting patiently.

Then in September, one of my favorite test knitters asked if I was considering to knit an elephant and did some color work as well. I immediately though of Elmer, and how he should be finished. So I returned to him and worked on his trunk, head and tusks.

In October I was busy with Mystery KAL in my group on Ravelry, as well as working on The Book Project, but I managed to squeeze in Elmer, and wrote the pattern.

This month the pattern is test knitted and polished, and will be available in early December.

Sometimes things get done quickly, and sometimes it takes time. We, knitters, learn to work one stitch at the time, patiently waiting for the beautiful object that our hands, two or four needles, and a ball of yarn can create.

Elmer, the elephant is going to a new home in December as well.

Shhh, it is a secret (for now) who will receive him.

Thank you for visiting.

Oct 26, 2014

Missing Socks

In the past few weeks we started to have big issues with missing socks. Somehow after every single load of laundry at least one or more socks are missing. In reality I do not know the culprit, where the socks are, but just for fun, the Sockeaters resurfaced again.
Yes I have a pattern for them:
But I also have a gift away on my FB page:
All you have to do is visit the page, like the post with Sockeaters or leave a comment there and this Wednesday October 29th 2014 the winner will receive their own Sockeater, in the photo bellow he is the Suspect number 6.

There is nothing better than a Random Act of Kindness, though secretly I hope that my problem with missing socks will go away as well.

Happy October and Thank you for visiting.

Oct 15, 2014

Knitting Pattern for Eyeballs

Just in time for Halloween, the knitting pattern for Eyeballs was released on Knitpicks website.
The pattern is for free and here is the link:

I love the photographs they took, especially this one, it is our favorite.


Now the question is where will you display your jar filled with eyeballs?
Mine is displayed on our kitchen table or the mantel above the fireplace, depending on my mood.

Thank you for visiting.

Oct 2, 2014

Mystery KAL


I have a group on Ravelry. Ravelry is a great website evolving around knitting, crocheting and anything fiber. Couple of years ago a friend of mine told me about Ravelry. I have joined the site, but haven't done anything for several months. Things have changed. I have created a store where I offer my patterns Stana's critters etc and this week I have created my own group. Truly I did not expected that too many people would be interested. After all there are so many different groups available. But to my surprise people are joining and sending me nice messages and notes. It feel awesome.

Starting next Saturday I will have a Mystery KAL in my group. Mystery KAL is kind of a mysterious and exciting thing. Those people that sign up receive a clue each week and they follow the instructions and at the end they will have a knitted thing.

Many mystery KAL involves shawls, and other wearable garments, some offer other things and few  offer  toys.

Since I love to design and create toys I have the Toy Mystery KAL (Knit a long). In my group on Ravelry is a thread where you can sign up, and  in my store is a pattern named Harriette - Mystery KAL. At the moment if you download the PDF file you will see that basic information. But, starting October 11th each week the PDF file will contain new clue and at the end of this month you will hold finished toy in your hands. After the Mystery KAL is done and finished I will update the PDF file and it will have the pattern including the pictures of the toy named Harriette.

So, come and join us it is free and it is fun, because you will be following directions without knowing what the finished object suppose to look like.

Thank you for visiting.

Oct 1, 2014

Knitting Pattern for Gracious Cowl

Gracious Cowl
Every once in a while I like to do something different and interesting. This Gracious Cowl is an example.
The pattern offers two sizes small size 25” (64cm) long and 6.5” (17cm) wide and large 30” (77cm) long and 6.5” (17cm) wide.
This cowl is knitted in the round in stranded color work. It is knitted in one piece. The cowl is folded in half and finished by using the bind off I-cord technique thus joining the two layers together creating the reversible look.
It works perfectly for the Dream in color yarn Classy (it feels just right).

You may purchase the pattern by clicking on this button or on Ravelry.

Thank you for visiting.