Apr 21, 2012

Knitting Pattern for Minions - Part 1

This is the first part of Knitting Pattern for Minions.
The minions will look like this when you finish knitting Part 1 of the pattern. You could leave them this way, adding some safety eyes and mouth, or you could continue with the Part 2, which will be the next post.

Have fun knitting.......

by Stana D.S.
Finished Toy Size: 9" (22cm) tall

Yarn: Less than a ball of sport to medium weight yarn (yellow color, or color of your choice), remnants of black yarn.
Recommended Needle Size: DPN US #3/32.5mm (set of 4)
Notions: Yarn needle, crochet hook, scissors, stitch marker, polyester fiberfill (1 small bag)
Abbreviations: KFB = Knit in front and back of the same st, it creates 2sts from 1st.
SSK = slip st, slip st and knit the 2sts together. This decrease 2sts to 1st.

This Minion is knitted in the round, start at the bottom of his body, continue to top of his head. The arms and legs are sewn on.

Body and Head:
With the yarn and three double pointed needles cast on 6sts (2sts per needle). Place the stitch marker on the first st and begin working in the round.
Row 1: Knit around (6sts total)
Row 2: KFB all around, 4sts per needle (12sts total)
Row 3: Knit around (12sts total)
Row 4: KFB all around, 8sts per needle (24sts total)
Row 5: Knit around (24sts total)
Row 6: *KFB, Knit 1; repeat from * around, 12sts per needle (36sts total)
Row 7: Knit around (36sts total)
Row 8: *KFB, Knit 2; repeat from * around, 16sts per needle (48sts total)
Row 9 - 48: Knit around (48sts total). Thread the tail from the cast on stitches on a yarn needle. Stitch through all of the cast on stitches, pull up tight to close the hole, and stitch to secure. Begin to stuff the body with fiberfill.
Row 49: *SSK, Knit 6; repeat from * around, 14sts per needle (42sts total)
Row 50: Knit 3, *SSK, Knit 5; repeat from * around, knit last 2sts, 12sts per needle (36sts total)
Row 51: Knit 1, *SSK, Knit 4; repeat from * around, knit last 3sts, 10sts per needle (30sts total)
Row 52: *Knit 3, SSK; repeat from * around, 8sts per needle (24sts total)
Row 53: Knit 1,*SSK, Knit 2; repeat from * around, knit last 1st, 6sts per needle (18sts total)
Row 54: *SSK, Knit 1, repeat from * around, 4sts per needle (12sts total). Finish stuffing. Cut the yarn, leaving long enough tail, and thread the end on a yarn needle. Pull the end through the remaining stitches on needles, gather up and close the hole, stitch to secure.

Arms (make 2): With the yarn and 3DPN cast on 9sts (3sts per needle). Place a stitch marker and begin working in the round.
Row 1 - 28: Knit around (9sts total). Change the yellow color to black yarn.
Row 29: Knit around (9sts total)
Row 30: KFB, Knit 1, KFB, KFB, Knit 1,KFB, KFB, Knit 1, KFB, 5sts per needle (15sts total)
Row 31 - 32: Knit around (15sts total)
Row 33: *SSK, Knit 3; repeat from * around, 4sts per needle (12sts total)
Row 34: *SSK, Knit 2; repeat from * around, 3sts per needle (9sts total) Lightly stuff the hand part of arm.
Row 35: *SSK, Knit 1; repeat from * around, 2sts per needle (6sts total) Cut the yarn, leaving long enough tail, and thread the end on a yarn needle. Pull the end through the remaining stitches on needles, gather up and close the hole, stitch to secure. Sew the arms on the side of Minion, in the bottom half, using the picture as a guide.

Legs (make 2): With the yarn and 3DPN cast on 12sts (4sts per needle). Place a stitch marker and begin working in the round.
Row 1 - 10: Knit around (12sts total). Change the yellow color to black yarn.
Row 11: Knit around (12sts total). Stuff the leg with fiberfill.
Row 12: Knit 3, KFB, KFB,KFB,KFB,KFB,KFB, Knit 3 (18sts total)
Row 13: Knit 7, KFB,KFB,KFB,KFB, Knit 7 (22sts total)
Row 14: Knit 9, KFB,KFB,KFB,KFB, Knit 9 (26sts total)
Row 15 - 16: Knit around (26sts total) Finish stuffing the leg.
Row 17: Divide the 26sts to 2 needles, 13sts per needle and knit and cast off from both DPN needles at the same time. Sew the legs on the bottom part of the Minions body using the picture as a guide, make sure that the both legs are pointing at the same direction.

Finishing: At this point you can embroider face on your minion, or use safety eyes. And you are done, or you can follow the Part 2 of this pattern.

Knitting Pattern for Minions - part 2

Copyright: This pattern was design and writen by Stana D.S.
The pattern is for personal use only. The finished items may not be sold for profit, except for charities. Please acknowledge the author. Thank you.


  1. My son-in-law is so happy I found this. He loves this character and just got one from Universal Studios. Guess this is what I'll be working on soon. Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you for your king words. Don't forget to look at the Part 2 of the knitting pattern. Have fun knitting:)

  2. My daughter was so excited to see these characters and asked me to check and see if the pattern was available. She is a HUGE fan of Despicable Me, and the knitter in the family. THanks for sharing!

    1. You are welcome! Have fun knitting one or two or three or even more of the minions.....

  3. Is there a 2-needle version of this pattern? I don't know how to knit in the round and my son would LOVE one of these! :) Thanks!

    1. Hello,
      I am sorry I just found your comment in the spam folder. That's why the reply is that late.
      I know there is another pattern for minions on the web, but I do not remember if it's in the rounds or not.
      It is possible to change this knitting pattern to two needles. If you interested I can look at it and do it.

  4. Replies
    1. Hello Catherine,
      thank you for your very nice comment.
      Happy Knitting

  5. Hello Renae,
    thank you for your kind words.
    Happy knitting

  6. Replies
    1. Hello Hommy,
      I am glad you like my knitting pattern. Have fun knitting and don't forget to check out the evil version in purple or the minions inspired tablet or I-pad cover I have posted on my blog.
      Even though I keep saying to myself that I am done with minions, I have to return to them, and I have an idea that I am working on right now.
      Happy knitting

  7. Stana, I found a way to work the minion with Magic Loop method, if anyone knows how to do that...very similar to making socks. I'm not a fan of DPNs, so I figured out how to do it with a 47" circular needle, and so far so good. I would be more than happy to e-mail a picture of the minion when I get finished with him, if you would like. Thank you very much for the free pattern!

    1. Hello Jamie,
      thank you for your comment. It would be great to see your finished minion done in magic loop. To tell the truth, I have still to master the magic loop, I know the theory behind it, but I have not really tried it. Maybe one day when I am tired of the DPN and the constant fear of loosing stitches on both sides of DPN.
      Happy Knitting

    2. Hi Stana! I finished the minion. I would like to send you a pic of him, so u can see how he turned out. Could I get your e-mail address so I can e-mail the pic to you? I did practically everything w/ the magic loop...but had a little issue w/ the pants trying to bring the legs together, so next time I make one, I am going to start with the blue for the pants like someone else did, and carry it down to the legs, before I change to black for the boots. Thanks again for the pattern!

    3. Hello Jamie,
      you can send the picture to my email address crowsd at yahoo dot com or if you are on Ravelry find me there as Fifinka.

  8. Hi stana! Is it possible to let me do it in 2 needles please? I've never knitted in the round before.

    1. Hello Sian,
      It is possible to make the minions on two needles instead of in the rounds. What you will need to do is change every even row from knit to purl row. If there are increase or decrease stitch you will change that to purl increase or decrease instead of knit. In the rounds is basically knitting always on the right side in continuous spiral. Also some people add an extra stitch or two to the patterns converted from knitting in the round to flat knitting for when you are sewing the ends together. The separate overall might be a bit tricky to convert. I would probably suggest that you split the pants pattern into two halves and join them in the middle of the front and back. I hope this helps you

  9. Hi Stana
    I have really enjoyed knitting your minion pattern for family, but I have just offered to do knitting for fundraising for our local air ambulance, please can I have permission to use your pattern?


    1. Hello Julie,
      Of course you may knit as many minions as you would like to raise money for your local air ambulance. I hope that your effort will help with the fundraising. Good luck and all the best.

  10. Merci j'espère qu'il sera aussi beau que le vôtre

    1. Thank you. Have fun knitting.
      I hope that it's a correct translation of my words. Je vous remercie. Amusez-vous à tricoter.