Feb 25, 2019



In a few days this little blog will have an anniversary. I have been writing here for eight years.
Frankly I didn't know what to expect in the first place. I started the blog with a help of my friend, and continued on the journey, unsure what to hope for. Somehow it stayed alive, survived and continues to exist. There were more visitors in some years then are at this time, but that was because of the free pattern for the Minions.
The Minions are not as popular as they were once. It is interesting how popularity changes with time.
It seems that what is hot right now changes faster than in the previous years.
Sometimes I long for the slower days of the past, when everything took longer and we were more satisfied with the finished results. In the present days of instant gratification it seems to me that there are fewer and fewer things that can bring this sort of satisfaction.

On a whim I have created a coupon code this past Friday valid through the weekend. I wanted to post about it here on my blog, but this weekend was one of those rare slow weekends when I had time to bake a bread from scratch, leisurely cook delicious meals for my family, and even knit a lot. I wanted to finish a wrap so I can give it to its recipient. I have the notes and will in time write up the pattern, though it's probably fourth or fifth pattern in line to be written up. I stayed away from the electronics most of the weekend, and therefore missed the opportunity to let know the readers of my blog about the promotion. So I have decided to create a new promotion, it's valid from today until February 28th, midnight of Eastern US Time.
It is buy one and get one free pattern. So for every pattern you buy you can receive one pattern for free. Use the coupon code in your shopping cart:
The coupon code is Blog

The patterns

Voyager Sweater
Everything takes time, especially knitting. You make your masterpiece one stitch at time.
Happy knitting, and thank you for visiting and reading my blog.

Feb 16, 2019

Work in Progress I

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog post. 

I didn't stop knitting. I had few projects to work on for a third party, which should be released later this year. I cannot share pictures of these projects with you until the patterns are published.  

Our Cats KAL continues in my Ravelry group and should be finished by the end of this month. There will be a grand prize for the winner to choose my next toy knitting pattern that I will create. For all participants there will be an option to win one of my knitting patterns.

Over the month of February I am trying to participate in the Instagram month long challenge hosted by @Yarnlovechallenge.  But like with everything else, sometimes things don't work according to plan and I have to improvise.

Scraptastic Infinity Scarf

I also knitted another dog pillow. A friend asked me to knit one for her sister's dog. These pillows were fairly quick knit, since both were done in bulky weight yarn. The longest part of these two dog pillow projects were to chart out the dog's names.

I am thinking about creating a pattern for the pillow, but it needs some adjustments. The bottom part of the pillow is generic and will fit for any dog, however the top part where the names are is rather specific and I am not sure how to address this part. Shall I leave it just blank, or shall I create some dog's names charts, or charts for the letters only. I need to think about this project for a bit.
Bellow are the two pillows that I knitted so far.

T-Bone's Pillow

Maya's Pillow

 Thank you for visiting.