Aug 31, 2019

Knitting Pattern for Apple Dishloth

photo by Knitpicks
Another of my dishcloth pattern was published by Knitpicks.

The pattern is free, and you can get the pattern on Knitpicks website, here is the link to the pattern:

Apple Dishcloth

I was working on this pattern last fall. Sometimes it takes a while from the time I work on a pattern before it is finally published.  Here is the sample I knitted while I was working on the pattern.

Apple dishcloth
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Fruits of our labor

Plum tree blooms

All my life I had an access to fresh fruits and vegetables. I know the difference of taste between fruits and vegetables bought from a store and freshly picked from the garden. I had learn how much work it requires to grow the fruits and vegetables.

One side of my family were farmers. Even though their land was confiscated by the communist party during the totalitarian regime, their were allowed to have a small plot of land near by their house that they were allowed to live in. As a child I remember to visit my grandparents and being able to pick fresh fruits of the trees, or vegetables from the small garden. I thought it was normal for everyone to have this opportunity.

I do not want to bore you with my family history. When I had my child, I wanted to offer the  opportunity to try fresh fruits and vegetables. Our small garden is nothing in comparison with what my grandparents and parents had, but it let my child experience the process of growing up your own fruits and vegetables.

Two years ago we planted two plum trees. This year the plum trees bloomed wonderfully. I was looking forward to have some plums. Then the June drop happened and the green little plums disappeared, except for two. I keep an eye on these two plums and check on them frequently.

Plum I

Plum II

Not all of our gardening attempts are as bad as our plum trees. We had plenty of fruits from our berry bushes and our cucumbers and beets are doing fine as well. I have been rather busy with preserving some of the vegetables for later. Therefore my knitting time has been rather limited and my progress on various projects has been slow. This weekend I will be doing another batch of pickled cucumbers and some sauerkraut as well.


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Aug 27, 2019

Knitting Pattern for Monkey Boy or Girl

 A while back a friend of mine asked me to knit a monkey toy for her baby boy. I have created this monkey, and I decided to add blue striped shorts for her baby boy monkey.
Few months later, I finally had the time to write the pattern, had the test knitters test knit the pattern, but I also wanted to make a monkey girl as well. She needed a little dress. My mom's college friend is going to be a great grandmother and I gave her the monkey girl for her great granddaughter.
The final pattern, which includes the pattern for the shorts and the dress  is available now and you can purchase it in my Ravelry store or by clicking on this button:

Monkey Boy or Girl
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Aug 16, 2019

Summer and 3 new knitting patterns

Summer knitting

Long time ago I used to travel all the time. I travelled for pleasure and for work. When I was younger and free I used to be a tour guide. It was the best job ever. I was paid to travel, learn new things, experience new places, and share the knowledge. I would spend most of the year on road, travelling to various places and countries. When I was not travelling for work, I would travel on my own. It was truly the best job I ever had. Nowadays I don't travel for work anymore. Somehow falling in love and moving across the ocean to live in another country, and having a family made me change the direction of my career and life. My life is more settled and my travelling days are limited to visit my family and friends across the ocean once a year. It usually happens during the summer months. It creates a challenge to find a reasonable priced airline tickets, as the summer months are the most expensive months to travel. Seeing my family and friends once a year makes the trip ever so special and treasured.
Flower Heart

While I was visiting my family and friends three of my knitting patterns were published in I Like Knitting Collection.
Link to the web page: I Like Knitting

These three patterns are now also available to purchase in my Ravelry store:
My designs

and soon will be also on Lovecraft website:
My designs

Marina Infinity Scarf, a playful striped infinity scarf in white and blue. Link to the pattern:
Marina Infinity Scarf

photo by I Like Knitting
Cora Clutch, a one skein knitted clutch knitted in Caron Cakes with added lining, zipper and two buttons. Link to the pattern:
Cora Clutch
photo by I Like Knitting

Luna Infinity Scarf, a giant infinity scarf or a cowl, worked in Cascade Magnum yarn. Link to the pattern:
Luna Infinity Scarf
photo by I Like Knitting

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Aug 15, 2019

I Like Knitting Giveaway

photo by I Like Knitting

I Like Knitting Magazine has a wonderful giveaway during the month of August. They are launching a brand new web and their giveaway offers to win the Gold Club Membership.
You can enter here:
I Like Knitting Giveaway

Since some of my knitting patterns were published by I Like Knitting Magazine, my answer to the question "Why do I like knitting" is included in the video at their blog post.

photo by I Like Knitting

Why do you like knitting?

Social Media

Last month I posted my latest pattern for Voyager Sweater on Ravelry.
The pattern has reached within a day page 1 on Hot Right Now on Ravelry. It was wonderful to see my pattern there. It also made me think about social media and their effect on us.
Bellow is just my humble opinion.
It seems that the number of followers and likes across the various social media creates an illusion of who is and who is not succesful.  If I look at the number of the followers I have on any of the social media platforms I am definitively not successful. I am not an influencer and my patterns don't stay on page 1 for too long. Yet personally I feel deeply satisfied with my creative work. The simple act of creating brings me deep satisfaction and happiness. I don't get this kind of feeling from having x amount of likes. Sure it is nice and it is needed in order to reach more people, to be seen by others, even bring some income for all the hard work that I do in order to make my knitting patterns great. However the feeling of satisfaction about creating something is not there.

I started to write this blog post about a month ago. I left it unfinished for about a month. I actually took a month off from being present on any social media platform, except few check ins on Ravelry in my group to answer questions and follow up with the test knits for few of my upcoming patterns. It was an interesting experiment. It seems that my absence on social media went unnoticed and haven't really affected anything. I did not worry about how many people visited my blog, or FB page or Instagram. My knitting patterns continue to sell like before and I enjoyed the creative process of knitting one stitch at the time as always. 

I probably missed a lot of things that happened on the social media platforms, but I managed to enjoy quiet moments of peace and acceptance. Life goes on...