Oct 30, 2016

Knitting Pattern for Flynn, the Flamingo

Flynn, the Flamingo
Knitting Pattern for Flynn, the flamingo was my last toy mystery KAL hosted in my group on Ravelry. The mystery part is over, but you can still knit your own flamingo. If you like the mystery KAL the next one hosted in my group will be in January.

The pattern is available now to purchase in my Ravelry store or by clicking on this button:

Flynn, the Flamingo
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Oct 23, 2016

Knitting Pattern for Pat and Mat

Pat and Mat
The knitted toys for Pat and Mat were inspired by the Czech animated show named Pat and Mat. Two handy men doing all sorts of do it yourself project with some unfortunate accidents and unexpected results. We love to watch them and after so many years I finally start working on the two toys just before last Christmas, thinking that they would be a great Christmas gift. Nine months later I finally finished the two dolls. After the time it takes to write the pattern, edit it, and have it test knit the pattern is available now.
Pat and Mat

You can download it in my Ravelry store or by clicking on this button:

download now

Don't forget to check out the adventures of Pat and Mat, they are possible to find on YouTube, and have fun knitting.

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Oct 22, 2016

Knitting Pattern for Foxy Lady Bag

Foxy Lady Bag
There is something adorable about foxes. I like to knit them especially during the fall season.

Last year I have created Fredrick, the fox pattern

Fredrick, the fox

This year, I have created  pattern for the Foxy Lady Bag. Even the fabric liner has foxes on them.

You can purchase the pattern in my Ravelry store or by clicking on this button:

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Knitting Pattern for Samuel and Fiona

Samuel and Fiona

Just in time for Halloween, knit your own Samuel, the spider and Fiona, the fly.

The pattern is available to purchase in my Ravelry store or by clicking on this button:

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Oct 19, 2016

Work in progress

Somehow the past few months have been rather quiet in terms of keeping up with once a week blog post. I have to admit, having a group on Ravelry keeps me busy, as well as the page on Facebook. I do not remember when I visited the last time the other social media (Twitter, Pinterest, Craftsy etc.) In my opinion it's way too much work trying to update all of the social media outlets while trying to keep on knitting and writing the knitting patterns as well.

My kid kindly shared the flu and I have been home sick for the past eight days. I had some time on my hands to play with yarn and catch up on things.
First of all I managed to work on my second Flynn. He is this month toy mystery KAL hosted in my group on Ravelry.

This is what he looked like two days ago:

And this is what he looks like today, sitting in the company of the first Flynn :

Also I am participating in first design-a-long organized in Amigurumi designers group on Ravelry. We have to design a bird during the month of October. I was browsing the images of  rare and exotic birds, but the chicken soup somehow made me think of chicken. So Hilda was created:

The pattern is at the test knitting and editing stage, but will be available later next month.

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Oct 16, 2016

Knitting Pattern for Runner Hat

photo by Knitpicks
Runner Hat is my second pattern featured in the book Under 200 published by Knitpicks.

The hat uses 2 skeins of Swish DK from Knitpicks. The pattern is available to purchase here or you can purchase the entire collection of 28 patterns here.

photo by Knitpicks
The variety of colors to use for this pattern is endless.

Runner Hat
Pictured above is the hat in green and black with a stripe of highlighter yarn; blue and white combination in picture bellow.

Runner Hat

Have fun knitting, and thank you for visiting.

Oct 15, 2016

Knitting Pattern for Giselle, the Giraffe

Giselle, the giraffe
Giselle, the giraffe is one of my two pattern include in a new knitting book Under 200, published by Knitpicks.

The pattern is available to purchase individually
or the complete book.
It's a wonderful collection of 28 knitting patterns all using under 200 grams of yarn.

Happy knitting.