Mar 29, 2012


Our Minion finally got a friend........

If life would happen according to plans, this second minion would be finished around Christmas time. By now there would be few more minions, the pattern would be written, edited and test knitted. And I would write this post about the new knitting pattern.

But life tends to change the plans.

The pattern is still not written, or edited or test knitted.

It will be done. I am sure about that. I am just not sure about when that's going to happen. I hope, it will be very soon.

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Mar 22, 2012

Lottery Winners...

This morning we had the lottery. We used this knitted hat which was inspired by Dr. Seuss book Cat in the Hat.
My child had so much fun doing it, that we ended up with two winners per each category. All winners will receive the knitted toy, or one of my knitting patterns for sale for free (the winners will choose the pattern they would like to receive).

1. Huggaluf - the winners are:
1. Knotted Fingers
2. Holly Gundolfi

2.Earthy colors Bear - the winners are:
1. Karolina
2. Neicee

3.Green colors Bear - the winners are:
1. Wanda
2. Suzanne - Love my fiber
4.Free Pattern - the winners are:
2. Michelle Wennis

The free pattern to choose from are:
1. Mini Pig
2. Mini Cat
3. Huggaluf
4. Huggaluf Baby


Thank you for visiting.
PS: To sort out the shipping please send me email to this email address:

Mar 10, 2012

Random Act of Kindness.....

What actually is random act of kindness?

Is there a definition for it?

Would a gift to charity count as a one?
Would donation of the knitted toys to PTO at school count as one?
Would a toy left in a random place to be found by a stranger count as one?
Would a toy mailed out to a somebody's child count as one?
Whatever is the definition I will continue to give away the toys, with a little hope that they are loved and cared for in their new homes.....

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Mar 3, 2012

Time to celebrate...

...the first year anniversary.

It's hard to believe, but the first post for this blog Stana's Critters etc was written exactly one year ago, March 3rd 2011.

In a way it's like watching a child growing up. From day to day we do not see much difference, but from a distance we can see the change.
It is hard to share a birthday cake in the virtual world, but I can share something else.

These are my gifts to you:
1. Huggaluf
2. Teddy bear in green PJ
3. Teddy bear in earthly colors PJ
4. One of my Knitting patterns for sale - for free

These are the rules:
I will add the names of all followers in a hat.
For the next few weeks (deadline is March 21st 2012) anyone's name who leaves a comment on my blog will be added to the hat.
On March 22nd I will have my child draw the winners. I will post the winners and sort out the details about shipping.
This gift away is open to the whole Universe (though I am not sure about the cost of shipping outside of Earth)

Enjoy, and thank you for visiting.