Jul 27, 2020

Knitting pattern for Rib Hat and few more patterns

Rib Hat

A while back I received a skein of yarn from Lovecraft. It was The Yarn Collective, DK weight Bloomsbury in a gorgeous Indigo color. I made a hat, and another from the same skein of yarn. I also had another color of the same yarn and made two more hats. The rhythm of 2x2 ribbing is fairly simple and looks great on anyone. The crown is shaped into a point and the hat is reversible. 

Rib Hat

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry, Lovecraft, and also here by clicking on this button:


 Also the rights to some of my previously published patterns by a third party has returned to me and I can sell the patterns as an independent designer.

You can purchase these patterns on Ravelry and Lovecraft website. Link to the pattern stores are on the side of the blog.
First it is my favorite Golden Hour Fair Isle Scarf
A colorful exploration of fair isle knitting. The original sample is using 11 different colors, but the pattern invites you to play with your own favorite colors and create an original scarf. 

Golden Hour Fair Isle Scarf

Luna Infinity Scarf and Cowl is another pattern that has just recently been added to my own store on Ravelry and Lovecraft. 
A super quick textured infinity scarf or cowl worked in Cascade Magnum yarn is  done in a matter of hours.
photo by I Like Knitting

Cora clutch is a combination of knitting and sewing. The outer layer is knitted, while the inside layer is made of fabric. The two layers are attached to a zipper, which securely closes the bag, and a knitted flap is secured with two buttons. 
photo by I Like Knitting

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Jul 21, 2020

Deadline work and such

I love knitting. It is my to go craft. I find it relaxing and refreshing, with added benefit of having an actual finished item. Every once in a while I try some other crafts and hobbies, but ultimately I always return to knitting.
Somehow this hobby of mine has turned into a sort of side business as I create new knitted items, and write the knitting patterns that allows other people to recreate my ideas and knitted creations. Some of my knitting patterns are self-published, and some are actually published by a third party in books, magazines, websites, and online. It always amazes me when I receive an acceptance of my submission ideas. Of course there are rejections as well, but that never stop me from trying again. At the end of June I have received an email with acceptance of my knitting ideas. It was wonderful news, and I was very happy. Then I realized that I will have to knit samples for all the accepted patterns and ship them to the magazine for a photoshoot. I emailed Cascade Yarn company for a yarn support and waited for the yarn to arrive. When the box filled with squishy and soft yarn arrived I calculated that I have 15 days to knit in order to send the samples on time.
I calculated that I needed to knit over 68000 sts in those 15 days. It averaged about 4500 sts each day. I have set everything else aside and concentrated on these samples, one stitch at time. 
As always my dog kept me company, and for a brief moment it even looked like he might try to help.

But that didn't last long. There were other more important things to accomplish from his point of view. A little rest after a long day of being a dog....

Yesterday I have finished the edits to the patterns, and packed the washed and blocked samples. The email with the patterns, charts, and schematics was sent out and today I mailed the samples as well.
This picture of my dog is the perfect expression of how I felt after these two weeks. Happy, exhausted, and already thinking about my next knitting project.

Also, in the meantime I actually had two sales in my Etsy store, which has been rather inactive all those years since I created it in 2012. I might revisit the idea of adding some patterns and perhaps even some knitted items to the store.
I also tried a new (at least to me) platform for selling my knitting patterns.

It is called Payhip and the link to the store is here:


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Jul 6, 2020

Indie Pattern of the month nomination & Paw-some Cowl and Infinity Scarf pattern

Indie spotlight #3

This has been a rather unexpected surprise. For the third time this year, another of my knitting patterns have been selected and nominated for the Indie designer pattern of the month. 
It is another of my patterns that was previously published by I Like Knitting  online magazine. 

Here I wrote about the previous two nominations of my patterns by Lovecraft website:

Another pattern of mine has been published this month on I Like Knitting website:
photo by I Like Knitting

Paw-some Dog Cowl and Matching Paw-some Infinity Scarf.

photo by I Like Knitting
I worked on this sample at the beginning of the pandemic, when we were asked to stay at home. I have to say it was a rather nice distraction from everything that was going on around me as I was forced to concentrate on this pattern, working one stitch at time. Since I was home a lot, and I had some leftover yarn I knitted a matching hat as well. The pattern for the hat will be in the following issue of I Like Knitting magazine. 
Bellow is a picture of my dog modeling the fancy Paw-some Cowl. 

Paw-some Cowl
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