Jan 31, 2015

Work in progress


I have been working on several projects at the same time.

I have knitted the man with the yellow hat in November 2014. It was a special request for a small boy who asked Santa to have one. Sometime in the beginning of January I rewrote the scribbles from my notebook into a coherent pattern and several wonderful ladies from all over the world worked very hard to make sure the pattern is eligible and understandable for anyone. This weekend I take their suggestions and make the final changes to the pattern and next week the pattern will be available for everyone for free. 

Thanks to couple unexpected snowstorms and snowdays over the past ten days I had enough time to actually finish the editing of the book project ahead of schedule and now it's at the hands of another editor and soon (next month) all of the 31 patterns created and knitted from the gorgeous yarn in this box will be available as well.

Also this week I have uploaded the third clue for Petal, the Mystery KAL that is happening right now on Ravelry in my group Stana's critters etc. I am looking forward to see everyone's finished Petal.


And for the curious, this is where I can sit and spend my time with knitting needles and yarn.

Thank you for visiting.

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