Jan 21, 2015

200th Post and The Book Project

I was thinking of creating a teddy bear with 200 on it's body like I did for my 100th teddy bear.

But I have knitted only 173 teddy bears so far, and I need to knit few more before I can do the 200th teddy bear. I actually kept the 100th teddy bear at home, unlike all of the others who are spread throughout the world hopefully bringing some smiles to its recipients.

This is my 200th blog post and to celebrate I was thinking of having another fun giveaway.  I will have one soon, I just need to get a bit organized and decide on what should be raffled off, as I have few charitable donations requests and I need to make sure I have some things for these events as well.
So don't be disappointed the gift away will be here soon, just not today.

Today I would like to talk about The Book Project, again. It has been a long process. Check out all the posts I made about The Book Projects so far. It started as a class assignment. Even though the class finished, I continued. I have sent out the proposal to various publishing companies(one at the time), and nothing happened except some rejection letters or emails. But in March 2014 I received an enormous box of yarn from Cascade Yarn company. This is what the box looked like. They believed in my capability as a designer and decided to provide yarn support for the entire book. I started from the beginning again. Everything had to be rewritten, reknitted and those that I have only as sketches needed to be turn into an actual patterns and samples. In September 2014 I started my group on Ravelry and posted a call for test knitters to work on the patterns for The Book Project. Last night I have finished the last sample and the last of the patterns.

I have knitted 109 various things for the collection of 31 patterns that will be in this collection. Unfortunately I did not find a publisher for an actual printed book, but the entire collection will be available as an e-book and each pattern will be available individually as well. In mid February you will see what I have created from the gorgeous yarn in this enormous box. And yes, there will be a gift away of the e-book, patterns and samples as well. 

Thank you for visiting.

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