Feb 22, 2014

Knitting Pattern for Squirt, the Squirrel

Squirt, the Squirrel
An accidental bookmark.

Knitting Pattern for Squirt, the squirrel is available now.

Finished bookmark/ toy size:  approximately 13" (33cm) including the tail.

To knit your own Squirt you will need about 1.5oz (44gr) total of medium weight yarn in grey, white, and Fun Fur or other type of novelty yarn for the tail. You will use about 100 – 120 yards (91 – 110 meters) of grey, about 15 yards of white, and 20 yards of Fun Fur.  Small amount of black yarn for the eyes, and tire track, small amount of red yarn for the tongue.

You can purchase the pattern by clicking on this button or on Ravelry:

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Feb 13, 2014

Squirt, the squirrel

Squirt, the squirrel
It is snowing again, where I live. I must admit I enjoy the unexpected snow days when I can spend the day inside and work with my knitting needles instead of the daily chores and scheduled commitments.

Of course I still have the unfinished project of 100 snowballs, and I slowly work on it, but when I look outside and see snow everywhere I want to create something different.

Squirt, the squirrel, is a funny bookmark that I created during the last snowstorm.
During this snowstorm, I plan to write up the knitting pattern.

Then I would like to knit something in bright colors, because I am getting tired of the grey sky, and the piles of white snow.

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Feb 8, 2014

Piggie, baby blanket

Piggie, baby blanket
Not too long ago, I went to a yarn store and picked two skeins of yarn. The first one soft green turned into Fred, the frog , and the second soft pink turned into this Piggie baby blanket or lovie.

The knitting pattern for this sweet piggy blanket is at the testing stage and once it's completed the pattern will be available.

The same yarn shopping trip I also picked two other skeins of yarn.  I keep looking at them and wonder what will become of them. I guess that's what makes the whole process so interesting, at least for me personally. The ability to pick up a skein of yarn, look at the color, texture, and then turning that skein of yarn into something else.

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Feb 2, 2014

Knitting Pattern for Ripple Shawl

Ripple Shawl
Once in a while I like to challenge myself.
This time I have played around with cables. Yet I still wanted to make the cables accessible and not extremely complicated. I believe that Ripple Shawl is the answer. Pleasing to the eye are ripples of cables resembling the sand dunes or waves weaving together in their eternal motion.

The pattern is available for purchase on Knit Picks website:

Knit Picks Ripple Shawl

The pictured sample is done in their Chroma Worsted Yarn in Misty Morn color.

or you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry or by clicking this button:

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