List of my Knitting Patterns

Here you can find the links to my blog posts for my knitting patterns. I have realized that I have way too many patterns available and that I need an organized list where all my visitors and readers can go and look for the knitting patterns available. I have organized the list of my knitting patterns to two  categories  Free and Paid. In the free section I made sub categories Food, Toys, Scarves. I will be updating this list periodically whenever a new pattern is published.
Have fun knitting.

Free Patterns:
Baby Bear in PJ

Monsters and Aliens:
Aliens in PJ
Happy Lovie / Blankie
Huggaluf lovies
Petunia, the zipper monster

Minions part 1
Minions part 2
Minions evil version
Minions tablet or I-pad cover
Minions Tablet or I-pad cover evil version
Minion Hat and Evil Minion Hat
Minion pencil box
Minion Phone Cover

Ace of Spades
Apple Dishcloth
Black Diamond
Blank Square
Candy Corn
Foggy Paths
House of Clubs
Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts Dishcloth
Snowman and Sassy Coal
Something Fishy
Strawberry Twist

Other stuff:
Autumnal Equinox Blanket
Bunny pencil box
Dr. Seuss cat's hat
Hawaiian Baby Blanket
Kitty pencil box
Owl Tablet Case
Owlie Tablet and Phone Cover
Cat Silhouette Bookmark
Rectangle (scarf or bag)
Snowballs II
Snow bricks
Sunny, the pencil box monster
Winter Pillow

Scarves, Cowls and Poncho:
Child version Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Scarf
Calypso Dream Cowl or Infinity Scarf
Funky stripes or Gru scarf
Stripy Poncho
Voyager Infinity Scarf

Alux Slouch Hat
Nine Lives Hat

Face Mask:
Frog Mask
Mask Buddy

Paid Patterns:

Knitted Monsters in the Closet
Baby Lovies - Blankets
The Knit Season

Toys & Bookmarks:
Bella and Rose
Bernard, bearded dragon
Bumble Bee Mobile
Camille, the Fancy Cat
Cecile, the window cat
Celeste, the fat cat
Charlie, the fish
Charlotte, the chick
Chameleon Leon
Cherie, Stella, or Brooke
Dasher, the dragonfly
Diamondback Rattlesnake
Ella, the elephant
Elmer, the elephant and Ruby, Baby elephant
Fifi, the Fluffy Dog
Fiona, the fly
Flynn, the flamingo
Fredrick, the fox
Ginger, a rabbit or a doll
Giselle, the giraffe
Helga, the hexagon owl
Hexagon Owl set
Hilda, the hen
Huggalufs Baby
Miranda the owl
Molly, medusozoa species
Monster Al and his friends
Monkey Boy or Girl
Najin, Northern White Rhino
Odie, the sea otter
Ollie, the owlet
One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish
Oreo, the Guinea Pig
Oriana, owl with cables
Otto, the owl
Pair of Penguins
Petal, the flying pig
Piggy Blanket
Poor Felines
Puppy Blanket
Rabbit lovey
Ralph, the rabbit
Roland, the raccoon
Roy G. Biv Caterpillar
Ruby, the seadragon
Sam, the slug
Samuel, the spider and Fiona, the fly
Sheila, the sheep
Shirley, the shark
Snake Bookmarks
Snowman and Penguin
Squirt, the squirrel
Stella, the stingray
T-Bone's Bookmark
Teddy Bears
Teddy Blanket
The owl gang
Tina, the turtle
Tony, the pocket monster
Topsy-turvy Snake
Uri, the baby unicorn
William, the whale
Winter Trees
Zeke, baby zebra

Scarves and Hats: 
Amanita Hat
Bark Scarf
Bicycle Hat
Bluebell Hat 
Bumble Bee Hat
Camouflage Hat
Chevron Infinity Scarf or Cowl
DB Hat and Scarf
Diamond Cowl and Hat
Diamond Hat
DK Scarf
Friend or Foe Hat
Grecian scarf and hat
Golden Hour Fair Isle Scarf
Golden Lane Hat
Infinity Scarf
Lily of the Valley Hat
LM Hat and Wrap
LS Infinity
Little Lamb Hat
Luna Infinity Scarf
Mandala Scarf
Marina Infinity Scarf
Morcella Hat
Neva Hat
Paw-some Hat
Pumpkin Hat
Raelyn Broken Rib Scarf
Rayas Hat
Rib Hat
Roy G. Biv Hat
Runner Hat
Serpentine scarf
Shades of Grey Scarf
Square One Scarf
Stingray Hat
Stripy Hat
Swirly Hat
Swirly Hat II
Watermelon Hat
Shawls and Wraps:
Cloudy Day Wrap
Elata Wrap
Gaia Wrap
LM Wrap
Ocean Breeze Wrap
Ripple Shawl

Grecian Poncho
Spring Dress
Strawberry Sandal Motif
Superhero Cape
Voyager Sweater

Blankets and Pillows:
BFF Pillow
Cable Pillow with Heart
Comfy Pillow
Corinna Checker Blanket
Fox Pillow
Heavenly Soft Blanket
Grande Gatto
Hexagon Owl set
Kittie Pillow
Pavo Baby Blanket
Picnic Blanket
Triangles Baby Blanket

Household Items and Bags:
Advent Calendar
Bowls (jumbo weight yarn)
Coin or Pencil Case
Cora Clutch
Deadline Morning Eyeball Coaster and Dishcloth
Fireside Tablet Cover
Foxy Lady Bag
Gingerbread Hearts
Hexagon owl set
Kittie Bag
Mirabel, the fish
Mice Bag
Nami Clutch
Owlie Backpack
Poor Felines (Ornaments)
Small Hearts Cozy
Small Things (jar cozy)
Snowman Bottle Cozies
Table Placemats and Coasters
Tablet and Phone Cover
Watermelon Coasters and Dishcloth
Watermelon Clutch
Wine-derful Time Snowman Cozies
Winter Trees

Free tutorials:
Fringes for scarves
Attaching arms or legs without sewings
Lining knitted piece with fabric
Attaching zippers to knitted piece
Bind off for joining two layers of fabric.


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