Jun 21, 2018

Summer...and Ami-a-long

It's official, summer is here now.

Treasure Island
When I was a little girl I dreamed of living by the ocean. As an adult I know that not every dream we have as children comes true... can you imagine the world filled with superheroes and pirates, and what about all of the horses that little girls dream of having....In my History of New York City class I just learned about the manure issues the New York City was dealing with in the time when horses were the only other option for transportation.
But I have come pretty close to fulfilling my dream of  living by the ocean. I can drive there and visit and return back home all in one day.
I did such a trip few days ago, and managed to visit the treasure island as well. The island is accessible via sandbar during the low tide and when I arrived to the ocean I could walk to the island and back.
A story has it that a pirate buried some treasure on this island, therefore there is a chance that someone will one day stumble across this treasure. Every time I visit I think it's a treasure just to be able to walk to the island and back. I also found few heart shaped stones along the walk.

Heart shaped stone
I always take my knitting with me, and while I was waiting for my friends to come, I managed to knit few stitches and snapped a picture of my knitting project. It will be a small owl when finished.

Ollie WIP
This knitted toy fits with an announcement I have.
I am participating again with other fabulous designers in annual Ami-a-long event.
Between June 25th and July 8th a 25% discount for all eligible patterns by participating designers of  Ami-a-long event kicks off the annual Ami-along extravaganza that everyone can participate.
This even takes place on Ravelry in group called Ami-along. There you can join and post your projects and win some fabulous prices.

Have fun knitting.

Eligible Patterns for 2018

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Jun 13, 2018

Knitting Pattern for Mosaico

A while back I had one of my submissions accepted into a book collection. I was working on the sample during the winter months of last year, and the book took a bit longer than anticipated to be published, but finally it is available to purchase.  The collection is just amazing. Check it out and see for yourself.

You may purchase the individual pattern here:


or you can purchase the entire book here:

Malabrigo Heritage

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