Oct 27, 2013

E-book "Knitted Monsters in the Closet"

Knitted Monsters in the closet
Finally, my first e-book "Knitted Monsters in the closet" is available.

In this e-book you will find six knitting patterns for all the cute monsters pictured in this photograph.

Tony, the pocket monster can help you organize toys and other important treasures your child accumulate.

Bella and Rose, Dave, Harvey, Roger, and Sam, the slug are knitted toys which travel to live in their new home with children at Rose Garden.

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Of course you can purchase the individual patterns as well, here are the individual patterns:

Bella and Rose

Sam, the slug
Tony, the pocket monster
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Oct 20, 2013

Knitting Pattern for Minion's tablet or I-pad cover evil version

Minions tablet cover
I couldn't help myself. I just had to make the evil version of Minion's inspired Tablet or I-pad cover.

For this project you will need approximately 1 ball each of medium worsted yarn in purple (I used Caron Simply Soft Grape # 9610 )  and black yarn, 1 ball of Fun Fur or other novelty type of yarn in color matching the body of the minion (optional) for hair, remnants of white, black and grey colored yarn, two buttons.

Tablet cover is 8 ¼” (21cm) wide and 11 ½” (29cm) long.
I-pad cover is 8 ¼” (21cm) wide and 9 ½” (24cm) long.

To download the PDF file with the knitting  pattern click on this button

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Oct 18, 2013

Work in progress.....

Fall colors scarf
I am not a big fan of greens and browns.
While I was visiting my family, I took a trip to a small local quilting and sewing store, my mom's favorite. They also had some yarn for sale. I did not wanted to buy any yarn, I have way too many at home. But I kept looking at this particular yarn and was mesmerized by the swirls of color. I just had to buy it, not knowing what I will do with it.
The yarn is really thin, and the needles I have to use are thinner than skewers or tooth picks. The progress is really slow, and because I decided to use stockinette stitch the scarf curls onto self, and therefore I need to make it really long. I have run out of the first ball of yarn, but luckily the store had one more ball of yarn. Now, I can finish the scarf.

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Oct 12, 2013

Tony, the pocket monster....

Tony, the pocket monster
....lives in our closet. Tony, the pocket monster fits perfectly on the closet door, and her body is full of pockets of various sizes. These pockets help to keep all the important stuff neat and organized.  My child's room looks much cleaner now. I can actually walk in without the fear of stepping onto something randomly dropped on the floor, forgotten in the midst of busy playtime.

Knitting Pattern for Tony, the pocket monster is coming soon.

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Oct 5, 2013

Another Giftaway

My FB page Stana's critters etc reached 111 likes. I really like the number, and therefore I am offering a gift away of these pumpkins. Anyone who will leave a comment explaining why they like my FB page will be entered into the lottery and the winner will be randomly chosen on Friday October 11th 2013.

Good luck to everyone.

The winners were announced. Congratulations to all and thank you.

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