Mar 16, 2018

Work in progress I.

Since my last blog post I have been busy.

I was overwhelmed by the amount of visitors and kindness of people who left comments, or send me messages. For three days, when the coupon code was active I felt like my blog went viral, in comparison with the normal activity I can see.
Thank you everyone for your kind words, for your visits, and I hope that there will be plenty of knitted projects created from my patterns.

In the real life we had few snowstorms over here and a lot of snow. On our way to skiing resort this past weekend we saw this sign along the road. It was funny. Although I enjoy skiing and winter, the constant snow shoveling wreck havoc on my lower back. I kind of hope for spring to come soon.

Winter fun?
Otto, the owl was my first toy mystery KAL for this year. The two finished samples I have donated to our local library for fun gift away for the children. Here is the picture from the coloring contest gift away.
Otto, the owl coloring contest
 At the moment we have another fun gift away at the children library. This time they can win Celeste the cat.
Celeste, Cat-trick day gift away
Here are the two Celeste, made out of scrap cotton yarn:
I had been asked for a rabbit for the next fun contest. Here is my WIP.
And here is a picture of my future big knitting project. I just received the yarn, and will start working on it as soon as my rabbit is finished. In a way I am returning to the beginning of my knitting life. One of my first knitting projects was a sweater for myself, when I was I think 13 or 14 years old. I made it up completely, without using a pattern. I had that sweater for years, and loved it. After I have knitted many more sweaters, mostly created from my sketches and drawn ideas. I think it's about time to create a sweater pattern, something I have not done yet.

Yarn for Voyager Sweater
Thank you for visiting.

Mar 3, 2018


Reflections on life.....
I started this blog post few weeks ago. Then I stopped and left it unfinished.
I wasn't sure what I would like to include in this post.
There are so many things that keep floating through my mind lately, and I am not sure where to start and where to end.
The first image is of my dog. We went for a hike few weeks ago and I took this photo. I posted it on my personal FB and a friend suggested that I should submit the image as she thought its beautiful. I haven't done anything serious in photography field for years. To be more specific, I haven't done anything since my pregnancy. I guess the whole motherhood somehow kept me occupied enough for years. It still keeps busy, but since the DVT and PE that happened to me last year in March I slowed down and started to reflect more on what I have close to my heart.
The thing about DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and PE (pulmonary embolism) is that it can kill you. Somewhere I read statistics that every 10th person dies from it. I guess I have been lucky twice so far. My first DVT was at the time when I had two weeks old baby, and then the next one was last year in March. Somehow the fact that I have this ticking bomb inside my veins is frightening and can keep me awake at nights. Yet I try to live my life and continue with day to day tasks and chores.
My hikes in the woods with the puppy, which arrived less than a month after my DVT and PE episode keep me busy in a positive way.
I spend about two to three hours a day walking. Most of the time I love it, except when it rains a lot and is windy. The other thing I dislike about these hikes is the higher exposure to the ticks. I have found them even in January!
Also the hikes in the woods take away my knitting time and my social media time. I wish it would take away my house choir time, but somehow that doesn't seem to be happening.
In any case, I try to carry on with my work on designing new and interesting knitting patterns, and I hope to continue for many years to come.
The picture bellow was taken on another hike with my dog and the kid. I have been collecting heart shaped stones for long time and sometimes I see the heart shape image in another places. When I captured this photo I saw only one heart shape, but then I looked at it again and saw another one,  dark and light halves put together creating an almost perfect heart shape. Can you see it too?

Seven years ago I wrote first blog post. I must say it has been an interesting journey. Google statistic tells me that almost 750 000 people have visited this corner of the Internet. That is amazing. I hope that those who stopped by were inspired by my work and perhaps will keep returning to see what is new on my adventurous journey through life.
Here are few links I thought to share with you:
The post about Life, DVT, and PE
Photography contest entry

And as always, thank you for visiting.

As a thank you for the blog visitors I have created a discount for my knitting patterns. You can get one free pattern of your choice from my pattern collection by using the coupon code Life in the checkout. The promotion runs until Monday March 5th 2018 midnight Eastern US time.
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