Jan 12, 2020

Stripes KAL

As you can see in my previous posts I had three knitting patterns published earlier this month. The patterns were exploring different knitting techniques. This made me think about the next KAL I host in my group on Ravelry. The Gift KAL is over and I will announce the winners later today. Since I am still not able to knit due to my elbow injury and I cannot work on the toy mystery KAL yet I have  decided to devoted this month KAL to a knitting technique I actually really enjoy: Stripes. 
I will open the new thread in my group on Ravelry and the theme of the KAL is anything with stripes. Join my group and have fun knitting anything with stripes....

Sunny, the pencil box monster

Kittie Blanket



Funky Stripe Scarves
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Knitting Pattern for Brie's Cowl

Brie's Cowl
Another of my knitting patterns was recently published. Brie's Cowl is one of the knitting patterns in the latest Knitpicks book named Yarn Over. The entire collection is all about variety of brioche knitting techniques.
I have worked my sample in Preciosa Tonal Worsted Ballet colorway. The color reminds me of my pink Lillie of the valley. The flowers were blooming at the time I was working on the sample and the pattern. The actual sample in the book collection was knit in another beautiful colorway named Summer Sky.
photo by Knitpicks
 You can buy the whole book, or individual pattern on Knitpicks website:

Brie's Cowl

Yarn Over Book

or visit my Ravelry store and the link is there as well:

Brie's Cowl

I have made another sample of Brie's Cowl in soft cotton yarn Snuggle Puff by Knitpicks and these two cowls were the perfect gifts for my friends.
I used my Small Heart Cozy to wrap the cowls before giving them away.

Brie's Cowl
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Running Hat, Calypso Cowl and Top 50 knitting patterns

Recently I have added two of my knitting patterns that were originally published by a third party into my Ravelry store.

Runner Hat was originally published by Knitpicks in their Under 200 book collection.  The pattern is available now to buy at my Ravelry store, by clicking on this button:

 and soon the pattern will be available on Lovecraft webiste as well.

photo by Knitpicks
Calypso Cowl was originally published by I Like Knitting in their February 2019 issue of magazine.
The pattern is available now to buy at my Ravelry store, by clicking on this button:

and soon will be available on Lovecraft website as well.

photo by I Like Knitting

Calypso Cowl together with my two other knitting patterns ( Watermelon Pouch, Golden Hour Fair Isle Scarf) made it into their Top 50 Knitting patterns of 2019  list. The link is here:
Best Knitting Patterns of 2019
photo by I Like Knitting
photo by I Like Knitting
photo by I Like Knitting
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Jan 3, 2020

Knitting Pattern for Raelyn Broken Rib Scarf & Cowl

photo by I Like Knitting
Two of my knitting patterns are included in this collection of easy knitting patterns.

Raelyn Broken Rib Scarf
photo by I Like Knitting
Raelyn Broken Rib Cowl

photo by I Like Knitting
At this point both of the patterns are exclusively available on I Like Knitting website:

I Like Knitting

Later after the exclusivity period is over the patterns will be available in my Ravelry store, on Lovecraft, and here on my blog.

My patterns

Happy New Year!

Scraptastic Scarf & Cowl

Hello everyone,
The past few years we have started the New Year with a brand new toy mystery KAL.
I was planning to do that again, but life happens.

My elbow got injured and I have not been able to knit for few weeks. Things are slowly improving and our toy mystery KAL will happen at some point later this year.

In the meantime I wish you a prosperous Happy New Year. May your days be filled with health, laughter, fun, and friends.

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog over the years.