Nov 13, 2014

Gift-a-long 2014

I have missed the Gift a long activities last year, because I was busy working on my thesis. But I managed to participate this year.
It is an awesome collaboration between many independent designers and it is just about to start.
Gift a long is a collective gathering of almost 300 knitwear designers, and has many fantastic activities.
The beginning starts today with a sale period of thousands of knitting patterns offered on Ravelry by the participating designers.
After the sale patterns is over the gift a long continues with KAL, fun games, and prices to win every day.
You should try it if you are on Ravelry by visiting the Indie Design Gift-a-long Group.
It introduces you to new designers, techniques, you may win something fabulous, learn and try something new and perhaps you may meet even new friends (even if only virtual).

Some important dates and times:
The sale period will run Thursday November 13th 8pm (US-EST) through Friday November 21 at 11:59 pm (US-EST).
Discount is 25% off.

Code to enter is giftalong2014

GAL2014 will run Thursday, November 13th at 8 pm (US-EST) through Wednesday December 31st at midnight (US-EST).

These are the patterns I have included in Gift-a-long:
Diamondback rattlesnake
Maillie, Travelling Monster
Miranda, the owl
Monster Al and his friends
Fiffy, the fluffy dog
Squirt, the squirrel
Baby lovies - individual patterns
Charlie, the fish
Jelly, the dachshund
Marnie, Miranda, Matilda, and Max (Birds)
Chameleon Leon
Gracious cowl

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will explore the various independent designers participating in GAL.

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