Oct 26, 2014

Missing Socks

In the past few weeks we started to have big issues with missing socks. Somehow after every single load of laundry at least one or more socks are missing. In reality I do not know the culprit, where the socks are, but just for fun, the Sockeaters resurfaced again.
Yes I have a pattern for them:
But I also have a gift away on my FB page:
All you have to do is visit the page, like the post with Sockeaters or leave a comment there and this Wednesday October 29th 2014 the winner will receive their own Sockeater, in the photo bellow he is the Suspect number 6.

There is nothing better than a Random Act of Kindness, though secretly I hope that my problem with missing socks will go away as well.

Happy October and Thank you for visiting.

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