Dec 15, 2014

Man in the Yellow Hat

Man in the Yellow Hat
Even though I am still working on finishing up The Book Project (I am so close to be done with all of the patterns) I do get distracted every once in a while by some other knitting.
This was a special request. A sweet 3 years old boy asked for Man in the Yellow Hat for Christmas. Although there are many softies of Curious George, the Man in the Yellow Hat is impossible to find. Through the channels of a friend of a friend I was asked if I can try to knit one. So I played with yarn and this is the result. I think he looks pretty close to the drawings and I am sure the little boy will be happy to find the Man in the Yellow Hat under the Christmas tree.

Man in the Yellow Hat  - detail
Of course I have kept notes while knitting, and I will write up the pattern. Most likely I will do that once the rush before the Holidays is over and we all have a bit more time to sit, relax, and knit more during the long wintry days ahead before spring arrives.

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