Sep 22, 2019

Tutorial for Bind Off

The tutorial for the Bind off  I used to join the cast on edge to the bind off edge.
1. Position the cast on edge behind the work, making sure that all the knots are hidden inside, between the two layers of your work.
Step 1
Step 1. The yarn is held behind both layers of your work. With right hand needle pull through the cast on edge.

Step 2
Step 2. Pull the yarn through the cast on edge.

Step 3
Step 3. Pull the yarn through the first stitch on left hand needle.

Step 4
Step 4. Remove the stitch from the left needle.
After the first stitch is on your right hand needle, continue step 1-4 for the second stitch. then continue with step 5.

Step 5
Step 5.  Lift the second stitch over the stitch next to it on your right hand needle.

Step 6
Step 6.  Bind off.

Bind off joining both sides of your work.
Continue with steps 1 - 6 until your reach the end of your work. Cut the yarn, pull through the last stitch and weave in ends.

Scraptastic Cowl

The pattern for the Scraptastic Cowl is here:
Scraptastic Cowl
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