Sep 17, 2019

Knitting Patern for Golden Hour Fair Isle Scarf

In June I got to play with yarn. I had submitted an idea for a Fair Isle Scarf and it was accepted by I Like Knitting magazine. I received eleven skeins of yarn from Cascade Yarns company and I took them with me on my vacation. I was playing with the colors, while creating the pattern for the Golden Hour Fair Isle Scarf. Since I was on my vacation I had more time to knit than usually, and I finished the scarf in less than a week. I love the endless possibility of playing with the colors and creating a one of a kind scarf or just follow the direction and make the scarf as pictured in the sample.

Golden Hour Fair Isle Scarf
The pattern is part of the October issue of I Like Knitting Magazine.
Link here

photo by I Like Knitting
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