Sep 22, 2019

Knitting Pattern for Scraptastic Cowl

Scraptastic Scarf and Cowl

Scraptastic Cowl

Last year in September I finished the Scraptastic Infinity Scarf. It took me few years to actually make the scarf long enough to finish it, and I decided to make something smaller still using the small scraps of yarn from other knitting projects.
I probably started to knit the Scraptastic Cowl in January after I had enough tiny scraps and leftovers  of yarn to start the project.
Today is 86F (30 Celsius) and it is gorgeously beautiful early autumn day. Sun is shining, blue sky is perfect and I spent most of my day outside. Now that the sun is setting down and the weather cools down a bit I decided to write the pattern.

Scraptastic Cowl

Scraptastic Cowl
written by Stana D. S.
Scraptastic Cowl

Finished Measurements: My sample is 28" (72 cm)  in diameter and  9.5" (24 cm) high.

Material: Scrap Yarn from other knitting projects, preferably in similar weight. If using thinner yarn such as fingering weight, double the yarn. This is a fantastic project for all those tiny leftovers and small pieces of yarn that otherwise might be thrown out.

Recommended Needle Size: Circular Needles US 7/4.5 mm.

Notions: Yarn needle, scissors.

K = Knit
P = Purl
CO = Cast on
BO = Bind Off
St, sts = stitch, stitches

Pattern Notes:
This Scraptastic Cowl is knit in the rounds in double moss stitch pattern, using whatever scraps of yarn you have from other knitting projects. All the ends are conveniently hidden inside this double layered cowl. The CO edge is joined to the BO edge using technique similar to 3 Needle Bind Off.
Another option is to crochet chain through both edges instead of this BO.

Double Moss Stitch Pattern (worked in the round, over multiple of 4 sts):
Rnds 1 - 2: K2, P2.
Rnds 3 - 4: P2, K2.
Repeat Rnds 1 - 4 for the pattern.

CO 100 sts. Place the stitch marker, and begin working in the round, being careful not to twist the sts.
Work in the Double Moss Stitch Pattern using the various scraps of yarn in similar weight, connecting the scraps with a knot, and making sure the knots are all on one side.
Work in the pattern until you reach double the length of desired height of the cowl.
Make sure that all of the knots are on one side of your work. Pull the CO edge behind the live stitches on your needle, making sure that all the knots are on the inside of your work.
Start BO by pulling the yarn through the CO edge before the stitch on your needle.
I have created a picture tutorial for this BO technique.

Tutorial for the Bind off.

The pattern for the Scraptastic Infinity Scarf is here:

Scraptastic Infinity Scarf

Scraptastic Infinity Scarf

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