Apr 10, 2021

Work in Progress

    Remember the pictures of Bernie Sanders wearing handmade mittens to inauguration in January 2021? Bernie Sander's handmade mittens inspired so many crafters as they recreated the pattern in mittens, hats, scarfs, cowls, sweaters and even dolls created to resemble Bernie Sanders with these mittens. I waited few days but then I couldn't resist and decided to knit a doll. 


     I looked through my yarn stash and picked the colors based on the picture. I had a sketch and ideas as what I would like to do. Under normal circumstances this kind of project would take about two weeks. Well life happens. For about a moth I couldn't really knit and then I had my submission accepted for publication by a third party. I am still working on this project for the third party, but I have also managed to finally finish the Bernie Sanders's doll, with mittens and all. It took me two months from cast on to finish. As for the knitting pattern, it will be typed up and available, I just need a bit more time.

These past few weeks whenever I could I worked on finishing my project for the third party and once this is done and patterns and samples are mailed to the  editor I will return to the Bernie Sanders' doll and type up the pattern. You can see a sneak peek photo of me sitting on a porch, while working on the finishing touches to the sample, while my dog T-Bone is practicing porch napping. 

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