Nov 25, 2020

Generosity, GAL, Fasten off Yarn 2020, and life


This is the time of year when people tend to be more generous and caring. In the knitwear designer world it is also the time of year when a wonderful event Gift-a-long is happening on Ravelry.

GAL 2020 officially started yesterday with a week long sale event, after the sale event is over the gift-a-long continues until the end of the year. There are games to play, prizes to win, and more. You can join the event on Ravelry Indie Design Gift-a-long I am also participating as a designer.  Stana's Critters Etc on Ravelry.

In June of this year (I think, but I might be wrong) Ravelry website was redesigned and the new Ravelry website was live. Apparently there have been some issues with the new design. Due to this a new event was created  Fasten Off Yarn-a-long  This event starts today with another sale time and conitnues with knit a long, games, prizes and all, but is held completely off Ravelry. I am also participating as a designer in this event, you can see the patterns here: Stana's Critters Etc 

As a knitter I will try to participate and knit something from other designer's patterns. I have quite a few favorites and I just need to decide what to make. 

Life is rather interesting. We all are trying to cope with the effects the pandemic had on our lives in the past several months. I am not sure what the future is holding for us, humanity and the world, but I try to be optimistic. That is rather difficult at times when I scroll through the news and read them. I personally choose each and every day to see something good and something positive in my life. For example my heart shaped rocks pictures and collection. It started with an unexpected chance discovery of a heart shaped rock on a path I have taken so many times before, yet I never saw that heart shaped rock before that day, few years ago. Since that day I have seen so many heart shaped rocks, and clouds and other objects that it might be an ordinary. Yet I choose to see each and every heart shape I see as a message from the Universe that life is good, and that there is hope for all of us. 

One of my latest knitting patterns is named Paw Print Heart. It is a combination of heart shape and a paw print on it. You can see the samples with my dog. At the moment the pattern is available in my Etsy store, Payhip store, and on Lovecraft. I will add the pattern to Ravelry next week.

Each year I choose a charity to donate some money. This year I will donate locally to our animal shelter. It is not the only charitable organization I donate, as I am an active member of Friends of the library and I support them a lot. For every pattern purchase of the Paw Print Heart I will donate $1 to the animal shelter. I guess it is my way of being thankful for the gift of our dog who has arrived from an animal shelter and has been a loved member of our family.

Stana's Critters Etc

Paw Print Heart

Thank you.

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