Nov 1, 2020

Frog Bag

 The frog said to her in a very friendly way, "If you need anything, just come to me, and I'll lend you a helping hand." 

                                                                    Brothers Grimm's  fairytales  (The Lion and the Frog)

Frog bag is a fourth pattern in the collection of fairytales inspired knitting patterns. This funky, and simple bag will keep your things all together. The hook allows you to hang it anywhere, or by adding a button you can turn this frog bag into a small clutch to keep all important things in one place. 

The knitting pattern is available to purchase on Ravelry  Lovecraft, and Payhip. Or you can buy it by clicking on this button, which takes you to Ravelry purchase:

The beginning of this adventurous journey, and the previous patterns in the fairytales series are:


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