Sep 30, 2020

Brunelli Wrap


Photo by Kelli Nuss for Knotions Magazine

Brunelli Wrap is my latest published pattern by a third party. This beautiful Wrap is part of the October Issue of Knotions Magazine. The theme for this issue was fire. All of the patterns in this particular issue are gorgeous. Here is a link to the pattern:

I started to work on this idea about two years ago, when I made a small swatch in two colors. Grey and blue-green. You can see the swatch on the left side of this picture. I really liked the idea of two colored cable, with some bramble stitch and more cables to unify the look. 
I sent a submission to a third party submission call. The idea was rejected for that particular collection. And here is the thing. It was rejected not because the idea was bad, but simply because it did not fit to the whole collection together with the other ideas that were picked. I continued to send out the submission whenever I though it might be a fit for the collection. In total I sent out the idea to ten submission calls, and the idea was rejected nine times. Finally the submission was accepted and I was able to bring the idea to full size wrap. 

I was working on the sample last winter. It seems like an eternity ago. It was a time when life was normal. We were unaware of the upcoming pandemic, that changed lives for all. When I finished the sample, we had a cozy afternoon by fire, with our dog napping in the warm spot. Before I washed and blocked the wrap and sent it away for a real photoshoot  I took few pictures of my dog with the wrap.
I look at the picture now wondering what the future has in store for us and the future generation of our children. I truly hope that there is a bright future for all and not some bleak dystopian future where people hate each other based on the differences between them.  

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