Mar 21, 2020


Over the past week so much have happened. Everything is changing and we are trying to adopt on the fly, hoping for the best. I talk to my mom everyday via Skype and am grateful for the technology. It allows me to check on her, even though we are on the opposite sides of the Atlantic ocean. I feel a bit better when I hear her voice, and see her face.
I have  lost two of my jobs, as the country stays in to try to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. I hope it is only temporarily and at some point I will have my work back again. I try not to worry as I keep telling myself we are all alive and breathing.

Knitting is also my solace in this time of distress. I have few real projects on my knitting needles, but I could not help myself not to be affected by everything around me.
While talking to my mom she was telling about the lack of face mask, and how she and so many other people are sewing them from cotton fabric. Based on these conversations I started to draw some sketches and decided to make a mask of my own. A little bit of whimsy, and an extra layer of cotton fabric for the inside.
This mask will not protect you, but it might make you smile.
I have the pattern in PDF form, but I will also typed up the direction as my next post, with some pictures of how I made it.

Thank you.

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