Mar 17, 2014

Three years gift away winners

The winners of the three years gift away are:

1. Mknitter
2. FalconDance
3. Helen Caudill
4. Mowbraycheryl
5. Donna Onorato
6. Sheila Zachariae
7. Karolina
8. Rebecca N.
9. Cheryl De Beer
10. Knotted Fingers
11. Audrey

To all of the winners congratulations! Please contact me (Fifinka on Ravelry) and send me PM  if you would like to have the pattern of your choice in your Ravelry library, or send me an email to crowsdatyahoodotcom and I will email you the PDF file with the pattern f your choice.

Here is the  list of my patterns  to choose from.

Thank you all visiting.


  1. What a wonderful surprise! Now to the hard part, picking a pattern! Congratulations and thank you!

    1. Hello Donna.
      Congratulations to you for winning. The pattern of your choice should be in your library now.
      Happy Knitting.

  2. I love the cat in the cat pattern. Do you have any suggestions on how to adapt the pattern for a baby or toddler?

    1. Hello Katina,
      do you mean to adapt the pattern for the hat for a baby or toddler? I would probably decrease the number of stitches as well as the number of rows. Or another option would be use really thin (lacy type of yarn) and small size needles. To make proper adjustment I would suggest to knit a swatch and measure and than decrease the numbers.
      If you need help with that let me know I can look into it.