May 8, 2013


  Once in a while it happens to every knitter.
You work on something and it does not work.
Each and everyone deals with the situation differently.
Not too long ago, actually this past Sunday, I was facing the moment of unraveling. After working on a project for almost three weeks I have realized that the number of stitches and rows don't work together and the project doesn't look the way I have imagined it should look like. This is the downside of designing patterns, instead of following someone else's patterns.
In a way it felt horrible to unravel three weeks of work, yet it also felt liberating.
My child had a great time pulling the stitches and rows apart, while I was winding up the yarn. It took about twenty minutes to turn almost finished project into these two balls of yarn. I looked at them and felt for a moment sad for all the work gone awry, yet relieved and free. Free to start over and hopefully this time the numbers will add up to perfectly match my vision of what the project should look like.

Each ball of yarn weight 12oz/340g and contains approximately 556m/608yards of yarn. It was a a lot of stitches and  rows..........

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