May 1, 2013

Harvey, from the closet


Harvey on a trip

In the past few months I have been busy with The Book Project. However, I also managed to create Harvey, from the closet. He has nice and friendly personality. Harvey likes to explore his surroundings. Sometimes he gets in trouble by eating pencils or crayons. He also has great hugging capabilities and offers a lot of empathy if needed. That is why he left on a great adventure and flew across the ocean to visit someone who needed his company. 
Harvey is first of the monsters who are hiding in the closet.

The knitting pattern for Harvey will be available.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Harvey looks the adventurous type! Another wonderful project you have done!!

  2. Thank you Marianne for your kind words.
    Harvey is quite a character, apparently upon arrival to his new home he ate a bunch of ball pens and then discovered the mini pencils from Ikea ;)