Jan 1, 2012

New Year, New Post

Happy New Year to everyone!

Today is a good day to reflect, to dream, to plan. It's a perfect day to start making the dreams and plans come true. We just have to remember that everything takes time.
Knitting taught me how to be more patient, and also to be more open to new opportunities and ideas. When I took the knitting needles first time in my hands as a child, I was clumsy and impatient. With time and the help of my grandmother I got better. I could actually finish what I started. Somehow I kept on knitting through the mistakes, tryouts, and challenges, and I enjoyed the whole process. Knitting actually helped me to relax and calm down every time I took the knitting needles in my hand. Somewhere along the path, I began to sketch ideas of what I wanted to knit. At first I designed sweaters, and flat pieces of knitting. Then one day I tried to knit a bear for my child. It worked. I knitted a second bear, and this is how it all started. Today there are more than 300 critters that I have knitted with my own hand. Most of them are in the hands of various children all over the world. I hope that they are loved as much as those that my child keeps at home.

For the upcoming year, I plan to knit more toys. Some of them will be given away to charities, some of them will be given to friends and their children, and few will probably end up in the hands of complete strangers, yet all of these toys will be knitted with the same passion. I also would like to continue writing the various knitting patterns that starts as a sketch in my little book. This task is the hardest, because it requires time in front of a computer. I must admit that I do not enjoy writing about knitting as much as knitting itself. But I will try to do my best.

This past year, my blog began its journey. It started as an idea, then it turned into reality and the blog still continues to grow. This would not happen without the support of you, the readers, and I am very grateful for all of you.

Thank you for visiting, thank you for reading, and thank you for returning.

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