Jan 28, 2012

Knitting Pattern for Snow brick

Snow brick (to build the perfect snow fortress and to use with snowballs to re-create snow battle anywhere)
by Stana D.S.
Finished toy size: 1 snow brick  9"(22cm) by 6"(14cm) by 3"(8cm)
Yarn: white yarn in medium or sport weight. I have used the same as for the snowballs knitting pattern.
Recommended Needle size: US #3/3.25mm
Notions: Yarn needle, scissors, stitch marker, polyester fiberfill or white soft foam cut into the shape of snow brick (these are available at craft stores). You will also need patience (or many knitting friends) when you realize how many bricks should be knit to built a good size snow fortress.
The snow brick is knitted in one piece, with the two sides knitted from the edge or knitted separately and sew on when sewing the snow brick together. The brick is done in stockinette stitch, all odd rows are knitted and all even rows are purled except few rows which are knitted (this creates nice edge for the brick)
With a white yarn and two needles cast on 40 sts.
Row 1 and every odd row: Knit (40sts)
Row 2 and every even row except when stated: Purl (40sts)
Row 15: Knit (40sts)
Row 16: Knit (40sts) (this creates the first edge on the brick)
Row 17 - 53: Repeat the pattern from Rows 1 and 2 (40sts)
Row 54: Knit (40sts) (this creates the second edge on the brick)
Row 55 - 73: Repeat the pattern from Rows 1 and 2 (40sts)
Row 74: Knit (40sts) (this creates the third edge on the brick)
Row 75 - 111: Repeat the pattern from Rows 1 and 2 (40sts)
Row 112: Knit (40sts) (this creates the fourth edge on the brick)
Row 113: Knit (40sts)
Row 114: Purl (40sts)
Row 115: Knit (40sts)
Row 116: Knit and cast off all sts. Cut the yarn and leave long enough tail to sew the cast on and cast off edges together at the later time.
Short sides: With the white yarn, and knitting needle cast on 26sts or cast 26 sts to the bottom side edge of the snow brick
Row 1 and every odd row: Knit (26sts)
Row 2 and every even row: Purl (26sts)
Row 19: Knit and cast off all sts. Cut the yarn and leave long enough tail for sewing the edges together.
Repeat on the other side of the snow brick for the second short side of the brick.
Finishing: If you are using the foam, cut it into the shape of rectangular box measuring 9"x6"x3". Put the foam inside the knitted piece and sew all of the edges. If you are using the polyfiber, start sewing together the short sides, and leave only a small opening in the length seam between cast on and cast off sts. Stuff the snow brick, but be careful and do not overstuff it, so it has nice rectangular shape. Finish the sewing. weave in all loose ends. First brick is done.
Knit as many as needed to built the fortress.
To knit snowballs, feel free to use my snowball knitting pattern, available for free.

Disclaimer: Before having any snowball fight indoors, please remove all fragile and delicate things from the vicinity of the battle. I am not responsible for any broken vases.

Copyright: This pattern was design and written by Stana D.S.
The pattern is for personal use only. The finished items may not be sold for profit, except for charity purposes.
Please acknowledge the author. Thank you.


  1. This is an amazing idea !!
    I WILL knitted it, and kids will have so much fun !!
    Thank you sooo much <3

    1. Hello Susie,
      thank you for your kind words.
      Just a note, on the amount of time, each brick is quick and easy, but to build a good size snow fort you need a lot of snow bricks. I am still working on them:)
      And don't forget the snowballs.....