Jun 9, 2020

Knitting and life


I hope that the world will be a better place once the dust settles in, the virus runs its course and peaceful protest achieve the changes that should have been in place for many years. Growing up behind the Iron curtains, participating in Velvet Revolution and watching the world evolve into something else than we hoped for is heartbreaking. This is not the world I wish our children would inherit from us, the adults.
My wish is for peace to the world.

In these turbulent times I have received some unexpected news from knitting world.
One of my patterns that was previously published in I Like Knitting online magazine, has been nominated for Indie Designer pattern of the month - June.

link here

Watermelon Pouch
It is a second time this year that one of my patterns have been nominated.  

Previously it was my Calypso Cowl, and coincidently both of these patterns were part of Top 50 patterns on I Like Knitting.

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