Apr 5, 2020

Toy Mystery KAL Cherie, Stella, or Brooke

Cherie, Stella, or Brooke
Life is strange these days. I hope that this fun toy mystery KAL will give you something else to think about and occupy your hands and mind.
Join us for this fun mystery KAL in my group on Ravelry
Stana's Critters etc

The pattern will be released in three parts, on these dates:
April 8th - first clue
April 15th - second clue
April 22nd - third clue
April 29th - final pattern.

Here is the link to the pattern:

Cherie, Stella, or Brooke

To get the pattern for free, join my group on Ravelry, and use the coupon code Hope during the checkout.  The code is valid during the mystery KAL.

Have fun knitting.

In my last blog post I have posted a collage picture of my baking through this time of distress. I have continued this week with more baking, as always some baking adventures were more successful than others.

Pictured are: Blueberry-lemon bread, rohliky (Czech bread rolls), Herb- cheddar scones, Strudel with cheese filling, corn bread, bread, brownies, apple strudel.
I am not sure what I will bake next week....the options are endless

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