Dec 10, 2019

Work in Progress III and Gift-a-long 2019

This blog post should have been written out few weeks ago.

I should have posted about the beginning of Seventh Gift-a-long at the end of November. Before the official beginning of the wonderful collaboration of independent designers and all the activities that are happening in the group Indie Design Gift-a-long on Ravelry.

I was also planning to participate actively by knitting things from other designers' patterns. I have quite a few that I wanted to make. 

However injured elbow changed my plans. Things are much slower over here. Everything takes longer and knitting is in time out for next few weeks. Even sitting by computer is painful after a while, so I have limited working on the computer and social media as well. 

I will be posting another "Interview with a designer" blog post sometime this week.

In the meantime I am trying to catch up on publishing some of my knitting patterns, and republishing few for which the rights have returned to me. 

These adorable snowman bottle cozy were published last year in 'I Like Knitting" December Issue. Now they are available in my store on Ravelry and on Lovecraft website.
Snowman Bottle Cozy

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