Dec 22, 2018

Interview with a Designer: Artefacts Crochet Design (Artefacts)

Here is another interview with a fellow participating designer, this time it's crochet designer Artefacts Crochet Design (Artefacts).

I have learned how to crochet as a little girl, but I have never understood the patterns. I just crochet on rare occasions, but I admire the beauty that crochet can create. 

photo by Artefacts

1. What inspires you to design? 
The need to create something new or different is what inspires me to design. I have no need of all the things I make, but I have to have a reason to make things, and designing patterns that other people might benefit from gives me that reason.

2. If you could knit/ crochet one thing - anything in the world what would that be? 

 For me, the ultimate thing to crochet would be an enormous sculptural object that could be strung between trees or rocks, like a giant web or cocoon. But that would take a long time and much more dedication than I have!

3. Describe your ideal day as a designer, what would you do and what would you prefer not to do? 

I think I’m like most designers in that the making is the most enjoyable part of my designing day. The creative challenge is what drives me, even if that means I have to ‘frog’ parts of my work. Writing up the pattern can be a tedious job, but it is also satisfying in its own way because once it is finished, it is a thing of beauty in and of itself, especially if there are no errors! Then there’s the self-promotion and bookkeeping which are a long way down the list of my designing day.

4. How do you start a project, with yarn, pattern, idea or what? 

If I am making up a design for myself, I start with an idea. If I am designing for the company I design for, they send me the yarn and a photo of the type of project they want as inspiration, and that launches me into the designing process. I find it helps when I am given some limitations or suggestions, because if I’m left to make my own decision on what to make, the choice of possibilities is so huge that I’m overwhelmed by it.

5. What inspires you to pick up needles and start on the project? 

Getting the yarn is what inspires me to pick up my hook and create. The desire to try a different type of yarn and a new project always draws me into that creative vortex.

6. What do you enjoy the most about the designing and what you dislike the most? 

 I most enjoy starting a new project, and I least enjoy grading garments – that is why I haven’t made many fitted garment designs…

7. Are there any particular techniques you find challenging or impossible to work with? 

I love new techniques. I get bored quickly, so trying something new and different is exciting, and coming up with something new and different myself is even more exciting. Then I like to work out how I can use those techniques in future projects.

8. What is on your needles now? 

The project on my hook at the moment is a cactus/succulent garden for the company I work for. I am really pleased with the design of one of the cactuses because I have not seen anything like it when I have made a search. I also have a highly-textured motif throw (that I will publish under my own name) on the backburner at the moment.

9. Do you work on multiple projects at the same time or single project? 

 I always work on a single project, generally because I have a deadline to work towards, but I do think and plan for future projects at the same time.

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