Nov 19, 2018

Work in Progress IV

T-Bone's Bookmark
As you can see I have been working on several projects. First of all, after a success of my Cat's Silhouette Bookmark, link to pattern I was asked if I could create a bookmark in dog's shape. This one is more tricky as there are so many varieties and breeds and shapes of dogs, but in the end I have picked the dog in our house and based the bookmark shape upon his back profile view. The knitting pattern is at the testing stage and will be published next month.
In the meantime, we have discovered that our dog, T-Bone has started an online diary, I guess he got inspired by all of the dog's Instagram accounts that we have seen lately. Since he doesn't have his own phone he uses the computer...
Link to his diary:
T-Bone's Diary

Also, as in the previous years, I am participating in the festivities of Gift-a-long. More details about it will come soon.

GAL 2018
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