Sep 21, 2018

Work in Progress III.

My last few posts were all about knitting patterns that were published.
This post should be about the projects that are still work in progress...

Najin, the toy mystery KAL started with clue 1 last week. Today I have released second clue, there are two more clues waiting to be released in the next two weeks before the final pattern will be available.
The pattern is available in my Ravelry store.
If you would like to join the fun, it's happening right now in my Ravelry group Stana's critters etc.

Eyeball Coaster
In the past few weeks I have been super busy with work that will be published by a third party. It's fun and exciting, but in a  way it's also stressful with all those deadlines that comes from third party publishing. Yesterday, I just needed a break from it all, and started to knit something just for fun. I finished today and wrote up the pattern. It's being test knitted at the moment and will be available at the beginning of next month, just in time for others to knit before Halloween.

Voyager Sweater
It seems appropriate to finish this blog post with a note about my project named Voyager Sweater. I had to set it aside due to all of the contracted work, but I am slowly getting some work done on the pattern and grading, and hope to have it ready for test knit pretty soon. During my visit at home I have found an old image of me in my first ever finished knitted project - a sweater that I knitted when I was I think 14 years old.  Ever since I finished that first sweater (it was knit, with three colors intarsia, and I have made up the pattern and calculated the entire project by myself) I couldn't stop knitting sweaters. I made so many of them it's impossible to count, and then one day I just stopped. During those years I  have knitted many other projects, even few baby sweaters for my friend's babies, but I have not made a single sweater for myself. Last year when I went to Rhinebeck I think I found my long lost passion for knitting sweaters. I have decided to knit and also write up the pattern. The knitting part, including photography is done, now it's just the less fun part, sitting in front of the computer and write up the pattern in seven different sizes. It's rather tedious work, but it will be eventually done. 

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